The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there). And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our dog wizard hat on.

I would highly recommend the Louisville dog wizard!  I can’t say enough good things about Patrick! My puppy Cooper was so out of control jumping, barking and pulling on the leash when I tried to take him for a walk. In just a few weeks Patrick has taught us so much!  Now I feel like I can move forward to a wonderful future with Cooper!! Thank you so much Patrick!!

Sharon B.

The LDW has been very beneficial for us.  They teach you how to interact and be your dog’s leader so that you can take your dog with you off the leash!  It’s amazing and worth every penny.

Marsha F.

We love Renee! She has been great in training both of our dogs. Our dogs LOVE her! She is kind, compassionate, and professional. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience or results. Our dogs are much more well behaved when greeting visitors, walking on leash, and obeying general commands. They really enjoy their training and their trainer. :o>

Emily D.

My husband and I have nothing but great things to say about the LDW. Patrick worked with us just a few weeks after our first child, Avery was born. We contacted him after our orientation to get training set up and he was extremely knowledgeable and helped us fully understand the program. 

Our dog, Cali is an AMAZING dog, but was very nervous around children and with us having our first child we knew we needed to do everything in our power to keep our baby and our dog safe. Patrick helped Cali feel comfortable around dogs by teaching her obedience. She was an obedient dog before, but not on this level. He taught us to teach her to focus on other things (like working) and not on the children around her. We are ecstatic to say that we’ve been able to have our Friends with kids over many times and Cali’s placed until she felt comfortable around the kids. She is also doing fantastic with our now 1.5 year old daughter. I HIGHLY recommend the LDW and Patrick specifically. He was great! 😀

Nicole K.

Louisville Dog Wizard has a systematic hands on approach to dog training and behavior correction. The weekly Graduate class is great with indoor and outdoor dog socialization training while still under the guidance of the LDW professionals.

Brian M.

Our dog Mack just got finished with two weeks training with Patrick and he has learned so much! We look forward to continuing to work with him to follow through with the human training as well. Thank you Patrick and Louisville Dog Wizard!

Rebecca M.

Our puppy Shaq just came home today from spending 2 weeks with Renee for the puppy jumpstart program/board and train. It’s a big investment and we sure missed our pup, but I’m a believer and would do it all over again. I think Renee is pure magic. Shaq learned so much during his 2 weeks with her and is truly like a different dog. Renee is really easy to talk to and spent time making sure we know what to do moving forward to continue to stay consistent with his training at home. Highly recommend!

Sam G.

Bet I’ve had over 10 message me about how Scotchie did at school and if I would recommend The Dog Wizard school in Louisville!!! My dog graduated as valedictorian and is now a genius…. All kidding aside though… He is almost perfect behavior now, Obeys all commands and can now be a part of our family without creating chaos He has total impulse control (something he had zero of before) walks, sits and places on command! No longer jumps on people!!

Truly I couldn’t believe it…he’s a totally different behaved dog….But has always been the most affectionate sweetest dog ever!!!

So yes I highly recommend!!

Kelly B.

Great leash work for my big dog. He has learned to respect the leash. Would recommend and have!

Amanda S.

The Best Puppy classes in town! I have tried other puppy classes in town but from the moment I called the Louisville Dog Wizard I knew I was in the right hands.  When I called I was in tears; I was completely overwhelmed with not knowing what to do with our fur babies. The lady on the phone was so patient and kind to me. She immediately set me up an appointment with a phone conversation with Patrick.  We talked at length about some of our issues with Wrigley and Cooper. The next week we started Puppy classes and in just a few short weeks it’s made all the difference in the world with them and us. Wrigley is very smart and that’s a big part of his problem.  He gets bored quickly. Patrick has taught us how to deal with his boredom in a positive way. He made suggestions for toys that keep him engaged. Wrigley has learned appropriate play in the house with his fur brother, his potty training is much better and now we can take a walk without being pulled down the street.   Cooper can be timid, and we learned how to give him the right amount of confidence for situations that scare him. He can be a bit head strong and he’s learned to be much more patient. 

We have been impressed by Patrick’s ability to work with each of our dog and cater to their unique needs and abilities.  He was patient and educated us as owners on the methods used and strategies that were effective. We’ve learned as much as they have and gained confidence in how to handle them.  Patrick was flexible in his scheduling and conducted each class on what we needed to address at that time with each puppy.  

They aren’t perfect but we are well on our way and couldn’t have done it without the Louisville Dog Wizard puppy classes. 

We can’t thank Patrick enough for helping us!

We highly recommend the Louisville Dog Wizard for all of your training needs!

Will and Melissa R.

My 10 month old bernedoodle – Lily- and I needed help. Lily had sailed through puppy socialization classes back in Durham before we moved to the area but somewhere around 5 months she began morphing into a jumping, digging, pulling and sometimes showing aggression towards my senior golden. She began ignoring verbal commands. I had to lock her up when the doorbell rang. She went to doggie camp a few times during the week but walks became dreadful with the lunging and pulling.

I spoke with Renee over the phone for a long time and she patiently answered my numerous questions and addressed my concerns regarding leaving Lily for two weeks. She invited me out to the farm to see more of what the training would involve. A couple of weeks later I dropped her off – it was hard,  as Lily and I had never been separated except for her spay. During the 14 days, Renee sent me daily photos or updates through text or video clips and though I was impressed, I must admit I was a bit skeptical.  On the tenth day Renee brought Lily to my house for a visit and some lessons for me to practice to prepare for her return.  She was a transformed dog and I was seeing it right in front of me! She was calm, centered, obedient….walking beautifully on her leash. It was truly amazing. I could tell they had developed a close bond with Renee which made me know she was being not only trained, but cared for and loved.

I picked Lily up this morning. After a short two weeks, she is truly a different dog – actually the same wonderful, crazy, exuberant  puppy but with a new set of beautiful behaviors. Renee patiently taught me the lessons I would need going forward with Lily.

I could have taken a little vacation for the cost of this but the way I look at it, I’m going to be on vacation forever with Lily as long as I keep up my practicing. To be able to have company come over, to be able to let her explore her world freely yet be safe (this is something that we build on) – these things are priceless to me and make every day more joyous! Additionally, I’ll be able to take Lily out for additional training if needed as well as go to the socials once this current pandemic has passed.

I just couldn’t recommend Renee and her training more. This morning I actually asked her if she would be willing to take and rehome Lily if something happened to me with this virus.  That’s how much I trust her.

I am one very happy and satisfied customer! Thank you , Wilmington Dog Wizard and Renee. You’re the best!💕

Lauren B.