Are you frustrated in dealing with your dog’s behavior problems? Do they test your patience? Are they costing you more money and hassle each day? Whether your dog is destroying your household items (rugs, furniture, clothing, etc), doesn’t recall reliably, has difficulty meeting and socializing with other dogs or humans, or is new to your family and just trying to understand their new lifestyle and environment, we are here to help!

Problem solving is crucial for peace of mind; for human and canine alike!. If your dog is practicing unwanted behaviors, such as chewing, barking, digging, or jumping (or any of the many others!) there is usually a reason. We will assist you in figuring out why they see doing it, help teach your dog more positive ways to use their mind, and show you how to maintain, and stay consistent with the new way of life. 

Here at The Dog Wizard Louisville, we understand how you feel when your dog exhibits behavioral problems. The emotional stress adds up when your canine counterpart is acting out. Dogs love to use their brains and are designed to be productive and task oriented. In other words, they need a “job” in order to feel balanced. Through training, we will help you learn how to engage your dog’s mind, and in turn, help them form positive behaviors you both desire! We can help with impulse control, reactivity, relaxation, and melt away anxiety if we conduct our lifestyles in a way that works for all. 

Our problem-solving approach combines 3 primary objectives:

Obedience- This will help you communicate effectively with your dog and ensure that your dog is responsive to your command.
Critical Thinking- This reaches your dog to become a better decision maker on their own, which gives you peace of mind, and allows you to trust your dog in a way that doesn’t require micro-managing.
Relaxation- The relaxation exercises help dogs learn to self soothe and helps alleviate anxiety, reactivity, and high energy related issues. 

When your dog understands how to make better decisions and learns to like listening, we create a bond of trust and communication! When both parties know what to do, the results are truly incredible!

Be proactive in creating the relationship you want with your dog; the freedom and lifestyle you always wanted will follow! It’s a win for the whole family.