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When most people envision bringing a new dog into their home, they don’t see the full truth. Yes, there are tons of things to enjoy, from cuddles on the couch to playtime in the yard. However, a lot of work also goes into taking care of a dog. In addition to general things like feeding and grooming, you have to keep an eye on your dog’s behavior. Seemingly small issues like play-biting and growling can escalate to more serious problems down the line.

If there’s one thing all of us could use more of, it’s time. Many dog owners have commitments during the day and simply don’t have the time to devote themselves to basic obedience training, let alone more advanced obedience training. At The Dog Wizard in Louisville, Kentucky, we offer a team of certified professional dog trainers who can address behavior issues through balanced dog training. Our training programs are designed to strengthen the relationship between dog and dog owner, fostering a better, stronger, and more trusting relationship.

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Dog Behavior Problems and Prevention

We help clients and their furry loved ones identify and overcome a variety of preventable behavioral issues.

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At The Dog Wizard, our trainers aren’t just experienced in dog obedience training — they’re passionate about it. We work with different dogs of all breeds and ages, personally tailoring classes to meet your dog’s unique needs. Each session is approached with a combination of teamwork, patience, and acceptance. Every dog is allowed to work at its own pace, and we never push a dog past its limits. Creating an environment in which your dog feels happy and comfortable is the key to persuading them to listen to you.

Our training sessions involve more than just basic commands and behavior modification. Our mission is to strengthen the bond between pet and pet parent, guaranteeing your pet will listen to you above all else. It’s one thing to get your dog to come or sit when you wave a treat in front of them; it’s another to convince your dog to battle their own natural instincts and return to you when they’ve gotten off-leash. We know that as a dog owner, you only want the best for your dog. We help your dog understand this as well.

We’re ready to help dog owners across Louisville, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas with our comprehensive dog training programs.

What Does Dog Training Include?

When it comes to dog training services, there’s no universal approach. Your training experience depends on your unique needs. Our trainers are able to address myriad behavior issues, from potty training and hyperactivity to dog aggression and socialization problems.

If you’re looking for a place where your dog can learn while building friendships, you may be interested in our group classes (which come with lifetime support). Alternatively, if you feel you have more advanced needs, you might benefit from our one-on-one private lessons or a board and train program. We also offer puppy training for younger dogs and day training for pet owners who are busy during the day. You can learn more about our training programs through our site.

No matter which option you choose, you can expect passionate dog trainers, personalized approaches, and a comfortable, encouraging environment. We’ll work with you and your pet until you’re satisfied with the results. Most importantly, we will strengthen the bond between you and your dog, making sure the two of you get the most out of your relationship.

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The Louisville Dog Wizard is an amazing trainer. We couldn’t go outside without my dog becoming anxious or defensive. After completing the freedom program, we are able to interact with other people and dogs positively. The Louisville Dog Wizard has changed our lives!

Kenneth R.

Patrick trained my lab puppy Maggie. We enjoy her so much more now!  The mental stimulation she gets from following the commands keeps her from engaging in her old boredom behaviors. Highly recommend!

Katherine M.

My dog stayed with The Louisville Dog Wizard for 2 weeks to get training. She came back well behaved having made huge progress. Dog Wizard continued to follow up with us on our progress and helped us with any problem areas. It has been an amazing experience. I highly recommend!

Troy C.