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It’s not magic.

It’s dog training done right.

Whether your dog has been experiencing issues for a long time, or if the issues have just arisen, our training and behavior expert in Louisville can help!

No one dreams of a dog that is difficult to walk, one that destroys the sofa, or has any type of aggressive behavior. Rather, we envision leisurely walks, playing fetch in the yard, and relaxing on a rainy day inside.

We are here to make those dreams come true.

Whether your dog is hyper, out of control, aggressive, anxious, or it just needs help getting the right start in life, we have the know how and training regimen for you.

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The Louisville Dog Wizard is an amazing trainer. We couldn’t go outside without my dog becoming anxious or defensive. After completing the freedom program, we are able to interact with other people and dogs positively. The Louisville Dog Wizard has changed our lives!

Kenneth R.

Patrick trained my lab puppy Maggie. We enjoy her so much more now!  The mental stimulation she gets from following the commands keeps her from engaging in her old boredom behaviors. Highly recommend!

Katherine M.

My dog stayed with The Louisville Dog Wizard for 2 weeks to get training. She came back well behaved having made huge progress. Dog Wizard continued to follow up with us on our progress and helped us with any problem areas. It has been an amazing experience. I highly recommend!

Troy C.