The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there). And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our dog wizard hat on.

Kristin C. AvatarKristin C.

Training with Lake Norman Dog Wizard was one of the best decisions I've made for the happiness of our dogs and family. With two dogs, both with different problems (one overly protective and extremely people and dog reactive, the other a jumper and leash puller) we were uncertain if any training would ever allow our dogs to be able to go to the park or inside a business without worry. We were fortunate enough to chose to work with Melanie here, and we now have two happy boys who can go on walks without excessive barking or aggression towards other people or dogs, we can visit dog-friendly patios and retail without worry, they can sit nice when guests come to the door, and more. Worth every penny. - 11/16/2022 

Amy H. AvatarAmy H.

We highly recommend The Dog Wizard Lake Norman. Melanie and her team really listened to our needs for our 5 month old golden retriever puppy and implemented the best plan for her. We had issues with puppy biting and impulse control mainly. Typical puppy behavioral things. She completed the jumpstart puppy program which is 21 days or more typically and I swear she is a new dog. She responds well to the commands that Melanie instilled in her while she was there. The "place" and "off" commands have been life savers for us. She no longer constantly play bites or jumps on our two little ones. She is still a puppy, but with better manners :) She is much better behaved on walks. She had issues with eating things like dirt, grass etc. and now we say "off" and she redirects to a treat instead. We are so happy we chose The Dog Wizard Lake Norman to help us with getting our Dolly on the right track. Thanks again! - 11/16/2022 

Kimberly R. AvatarKimberly R.

I wanted the opportunity to say just how much I truly appreciated the level of service and most importantly care for my fur baby Remi. I will admit I was a bit apprehensive about leaving my pup in the care of someone else for two weeks seeing as I've never used a trainer before, but Melanie was patient and answered all of my many questions. Melanie kept my husband I fully informed of Remi's progress with photos, videos and Facebook post. When it was time for Remi to come home, she brought her to us and she stayed with us to insure we had a full grasp of the commands and what we needed to do at home to insure her long time success with her training she had received. I was even more convinced I had chosen the right trainer, when after our follow up meeting at a local park, Remo did so well and I and my husband improved with our commands as well. I've even taken Remi back for boarding and will continue to for as long as Melanie's available! I cant thank you enough Melanie for the quality training and peace of mind. - 8/01/2022 

Cameron D. AvatarCameron D.

Excellent trainers. My dog was having social issues with other dogs. Which was a pain since it was mostly my girlfriends dog he didn’t get along with. After sending him to dog wizard and working with him once he was back they now happily hang out all the time. Melanie and the crew are great and very easy to communicate with and even after being done with the class for over a year we are still in regular contact. Highly recommend!! - 8/01/2022 

Jessica B. AvatarJessica B.

I want to thank Melanie and Michelle for helping me and my boy Bo! The training they provided was amazing and I only wish I would have reached out sooner!!! I highly recommend The Dog Wizard!!! Thank you both very much!!! - 7/25/2022 

Georgeann R. AvatarGeorgeann R.

So happy with the results of sending my girl Cisco to Board & Train. I had originally signed up for the Freedom Lessons after Cisco showed protective aggression over the new baby. However, demands on my schedule changed drastically with 3 small children and Melanie was very helpful and flexible to get Cisco into Board and Train at the best time for our family. Melanie was very accommodating and helpful which made the whole experience that much better. The price had us hesitant but after talking to several of her references, I was sold. So glad we did it and even my husband agrees it was worth every penny! PLACE has changed our lives! - 7/25/2022 

Leighann F. AvatarLeighann F.

We were very pleased with the training from The Dog Wizard!!! I worked with Melanie to determine the type of training (we chose private), and Michelle came to our house to work with our two Golden Retriever pups (9 and 10 months old) each Saturday for 8 weeks. Michelle did a wonderful job!! She was always prompt, patient, and has such a calm, easy-going demeanor! Winston and Woody listened to her immediately! My husband and I looked forward to Michelle’s visits! She communicated well with us! The positive reinforcement training methods are easy to learn and practice. I can actually take both Goldens for a walk by myself without them pulling on the leash! We can take them anywhere and are confident that they will behave. We plan to continue to practice the strategies Michelle taught, and look forward to possible “mini sessions” with other owners and their pets. So thankful we found The Dog Wizard and Michelle, and for the friendships we’ve made! 🤗 - 7/25/2022 

Kenzie F. AvatarKenzie F.

I did the private puppy training with Michelle and my little man absolutely loved it! I started him around 11 weeks and he did so well. Michelle was so sweet and fun to work with. My pup is only 4 months and already weighs 45 pounds so leash training was super important for me and he is so well mannered on his leash. I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for puppy training! - 7/11/2022 

JoAnn L. AvatarJoAnn L.

Our goldendoodle was raised freely on a farm for his first 4 months. He had never had a leash on or been in a domestic setting. We struggled every day for 4 more months and could not get control. He just graduated from the Dog Wizard and is an Angel! He went crazy in a crate and I was hesitant about leaving him for 3 weeks. We are now in control instead of the dog. You must make a commitment to continue the training and using the commands and rewards. Kassie took care of him like he was her own. She spent 2 hours with us upon his arrival home and did a follow visit to see if we had any questions. She posted videos and shared them almost every day. I highly recommend this team of wizards! - 6/18/2022 

Megan B. AvatarMegan B.

I have had a wonderful experience working with the Melanie, Kassie, and Michelle at the Dog Wizard. Gus had extreme leash reactivity and would redirect on me whenever a car, human, or anything that moved really, passed by. All the ladies there really went out of their way to figure out what tools would best work for him while walking and really worked on overcoming these specific issues.I feel great about the progress he has made and also love the fact that they go over every detail of their training with you. I feel like I needed the training as much as him so it's also comforting to know that you can always participate in one of their scheduled meetups or reach out to them whenever you have any questions. 10/10 would recommend. - 5/20/2022 

Sonja W. AvatarSonja W.

We adopted our boxer mix “quarantine pup” in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. He was just a few weeks old at the time. He took on a serious role of home protector and by 2 years old it was necessary to enroll him in Melanie’s board and train program. He was over protective - growling and barking at all home visitors as well as pulling on his leash and growling at neighbors and other dogs on our walks. He could be quite intimidating. Though he never had an aggressive episode we wanted to be sure it never came to that. He needed serious work on his manners and impulse control. Melanie taught him other “jobs” - like staying in place - so he’s preoccupied from filling his home protector role. He no longer ambushes the door when guests enter. He can walk calmly on his leash while passing another dog closely as though they aren’t even there. He’s getting better at respecting space and furniture. Melanie was able to put down some serious groundwork for his training journey. We’re excited to visit her “pack walks” in the future to continue brushing up on skills and being close to other dogs who know similar commands. He went back to stay with Melanie with Dog Wizard again for boarding while we were on vacation over Easter and she shared these pictures with us. I highly recommend her! She cares for her animals and wants them safe and happy! It absolutely shows. - 5/06/2022 

Donna G. AvatarDonna G.

I can't say enough great things about this place and the staff. They took 2 uncontrollable German Shepherds and gave me back 2 awesome dogs that I can take on walks (passing by other dogs) and enjoy it. I can take them to Petsmart and not struggle to keep them with me or be embarrassed by their barking. - 4/22/2022 

Katie M. AvatarKatie M.

I don’t have enough good things to say about Melanie and her team at the Dog Wizard - Lake Norman. We just got our Australian shepherd, Marigold, back from the 21-day Jumpstart program and the difference is night and day. Prior to her board and train experience, we simply didn’t know what else to do. Her resource guarding and territorial nature were on full display at all times. She had to be crated in a different part of the house when guests came over and barked incessantly the entire time. We felt defeated and overwhelmed. Marigold came home relaxed, happy and calm. She no longer chases our cats out of the room and family walks are now a dream. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for giving our girl the confidence to live her best life. We are so grateful! - 3/02/2022 

Liz G. AvatarLiz G.

We just got our dog (a 7 year old 57lb Aussie/Pitbull mix) back from a 21-day training program targeted at her leash reactivity. I have been at my wits end. My dog reacts with extreme thrashing, lunging, and howling whenever she sees another dog. It had gotten to the point where I no longer walked her or took her anywhere, which was bad for both of us. I went through a number of trainers and spent thousands of dollars to try to fix this. Either the other trainers "couldn't replicate" the issues or they just gave advice that I can only describe as quackery.Honestly, the thought of being away from my dog for 21 days was heartbreaking to me. I also was worried about throwing good money after bad.I wish I did this YEARS ago. Melanie and her team kept me updated on their status. Very few days went by where I didn't have a text message with photos or video, or where my dog wouldn't be featured on an update on their social media. Instead of telling me they couldn't replicate the issues, they specifically went and sought out the situations that would trigger the issues.Obviously you can't magically fix a dog's issues in three weeks, but the progress that was made was jaw dropping. I am able to walk my dog now and have even been SEEKING OUT neighbors walking their dogs so I can work on how my dog reacts. I have been given the tools that I need to feel completely in control and able to communicate with expectations to my dog. The support from Dog Wizard isn't over yet, either. I still have more follow up sessions with Melanie in the future, including walking around a park full of other dog-walkers and eating a meal on the patio of a dog-friendly restaurant.I can't say enough how thrilled I am. I am hopeful for the future for the first time on years. My dog and I are going to be able to live the life we deserve to - out with the rest of the world. - 2/23/2022 

Realtor R. AvatarRealtor R.

My dogs are being treated so well and I am constantly updated with their progress. I am super excited to see their change. So glad I picked The Dog Wizard for my furbaby! - 1/11/2022 

Manu P. AvatarManu P.

Thank you Dog Wizard - Melanie for helping us with our furry family members! We are so grateful for your service and especially for our trainer Corey! He was absolutely wonderful with our pups and also with us. 😊 He taught our dogs some new behaviors to replace unwanted once they had displayed for years and had consistently gotten worse. Our dogs are no puppies they are 5 and 8 years old. So you can teach an old dog new tricks! Every walk was stressful. They were out of control whenever they saw another dog. Barking, growling, pulling and getting at each other in displaced aggression. They would also bark excessively when people cam to the house and rush them at the door. Plus very skeptic of new situations. All of this has changed since they went through the program with Corey. We now go on walks wherever we want, other dogs not a problem anymore. They learned a new way to deal with that even if they still get a little nervous sometimes. They learned if they behave in the new learned manner they get rewarded with praise and the occasional treat. And this works out for all of us! We had extended Family over for the holidays, even a 2 year old (they didn’t really ever have contact with small children). And everything worked like a charm. They now go to a place position so people can come in unbothered. And then meet them in a calm manner. Tea couldn’t be happier and our dogs I think feel the same way. We will recommend Dog Wizzard to anyone who wants to better their life with their furry best friends. Again thank you Corey our dogs love you, which you could tell by the reception you got when you met them again a couple weeks after the training. All the best to everyone at Dog Wizzard, Merry Christmas and a happy new Year. - 12/28/2021 

Michelle A. AvatarMichelle A.

Corey did an amazing job with our puppy Frank. They listened to our concerns, addressed them all, and had great follow up. We have a lot to look forward to with our dog and his new skills. Would recommend highly to others. - 11/29/2021 

Valerie B. AvatarValerie B.

I can not say enough about how pleased I am with Melanie and the team at The Dog Wizard. My Quigley is a loveable 120lb English Golden retriever, but he jumped on you and would drag you. He also has terrible social skills. My husband was on the verge of getting rid of him. So I went looking for help and after checking out several places, I chose The dog Wizard. I sent him to Melanie for 21 day program. She even came and picked him up, which made it easier to let him go. He truly came back a new dog, he is still very loving and happy but he now listens when we speak to him. He is such a happier dog because no one is yelling at him.I just took him on is first trip to the mountains and into town. I was so pleased at how at Quigley acted, I had to sit down and write this review.If you are looking for someone to work with your dog and to work with you to keep up your dogs training, give them a call. You will be happy & your dog will be happy !Valarie Beam - 11/07/2021 

linda h. Avatarlinda h.

I am so happy I found "The Dog Wizard" for my very active Aussiedoodle puppy. Much to my dismay, I could not train my puppy to stop jumping up and pulling me on our walks. I took a puppy training class at my local pet store which was basically a total waste of time and money. I knew I had to get my puppy trained or would be faced with rehoming her. My puppy was so smart and house broken and crate trained in days but her active behavior was beyond acceptable. Thank goodness for "The Dog Wizard"!! Board and train worked great for us and my puppy came back as a well-trained, obedient and happy puppy. Melanie spent extra time with my puppy (as she really needed it) to make sure she met the high standards of "The Dog Wizard". This was the best training ever and I highly recommend the Lake Norman "Dog Wizard". My puppy and I love Melanie and her staff and I 110% recommend "The Dog Wizard". - 11/07/2021 

Kat H. AvatarKat H.

We sent our dog, Samantha, to The Dog Wizard for the 21 day training. We are extremely pleased with the results!Corey did a wonderful job! The follow up that is available to us is an excellent value!! Highly recommend!!! - 10/31/2021