The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there). And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our dog wizard hat on.

Melanie is an amazing dog trainer. We reached out to them for help and Melanie responded back to us. We discussed all the issues we were having with our dog when she called us that evening and we went over all the options, we felt best with her taking and working with him. The following captures the issues we were having with our sweet dog: he was very leash reactive to other people and other dogs (and behavior was getting worse and worse,) he was also growling at our cats to keep the from getting on the couch and running them up the stairs (he was worse when my husband was gone), and he loved to bark at everything when at home, especially our neighbors when out back or taking their trash can out to the road. He is a very nervous and shy dog as he would shake and bark when we had friends over or when out in public. He is a rescue and we don’t know anything about his history prior to us adopting him. When she brought Hunter back to us and did his take home training session I could already see a huge difference in him, we have made the couch invitational only which has been a huge help. He listens very well, stays on place when someone knocks on the door, and we are able to control the barking now. When we met her for our follow-up session at a park, he was amazing at walking by other dogs and people with no reaction. It has been an amazing experience with Melanie, she was great with communicating with us by all forms of communication as we’ll, sending pictures and videos of his progress when she could. We our now a couple of weeks out and he is still doing great and she is available to answer my questions as they come up. She currently has our other dog and will certainly post a review once he is home. I certainly recommend her as a dog trainer for all aspects of training. We are able to enjoy taking Hunter out with us now and are able to enjoy dining outside with him, when possible. It has decreased the stress as a whole in our house.

Leandra H.

We did some individual and group trainings with our dog, Nala, when she was a puppy. Now she’s a stubborn two year old who was an angel indoors, but we could not keep her attention outdoors. She pulled on walks and would not stay next to us, even with tons of treats. We took her to Scott’s two week board-and-train program to help teach her how to “heal” and “come” as well as to socialize with other dogs. She came home and I was very impressed with the results. She is much better with walks, more confident around other dogs, and will come when called even during playtime. The program was definitely worth it and I would highly recommend Scott.

Whitney B.

Melanie our trainer from Dog Wizard was amazing with our two labs Piper and Scout. Our lives have completely changed since training. It’s so nice to be able to walk them in the neighborhood and not be pulled or dragged down the street. We can also take them out in public and them not show out at other dogs or people. Before Dog Wizard walking them or taking them out in public was next to impossible, and everybody knew we were there. Yes, we were “that family”. Since training, we’ve had several neighbors stop while we were outside and comment on how well behaved they were and ask where they were trained because thier dog needed to go. We take them on vacations and have had zero issues in the campground. Thank you Dog Wizard for everything. We couldn’t be happier.

Angela E.

First off…Melanie is amazing! She is an absolutely amazing trainer! The gift she has given our family with our dog, Bella, being part of the family instead of always staying at home is really priceless.

I’ll start from the beginning though. Bella is 8 years old and had many issues with door scratching, barking, squeaking, whining, separation anxiety, nervousness, didn’t like new people, aggression at other dogs, snapping at her now crawling sister…the list was long. We went through the eval with Melanie and had such a connection… I knew I wanted her to be our trainer. The 2 weeks with Bella away was rough but Melanie sent me updates, pictures, called and answered all my questions. Bella returned such a well behaved dog and honestly so much happier…she had purpose and works to make us happy. She is part of our lives. When people would come over before she would have to be sent to another room due to barking, nervousness, etc. Now she is with everyone and interacts so well and it return gets attention and treats. If you are contemplating…go for it! Your dog will be part of your life instead of just at home. You can take them places…in the car, to parks, on walks, on vacation, to dinner. It really doesn’t stop after the 2 weeks either, The Dog Wizard family is always there for you. Now a month later, Melanie still answers my questions and helps when we are having any issues or need support. If you are worried that your dog won’t have fun or be too structured…it’s not the case. Bella has structure but still enjoys a fun game of fetch. I am so happy we made the decision to become part of The Dog Wizard family and have Melanie train Bella. My only regret…we didn’t do it sooner!

Erika W.

I should have come to Scott a long time ago. Moving to the city after living in a rural area, my boy Ollie never quite adjusted to the sights and sounds of the city and all of its dogs and people. He was chronically fear aggressive. After two weeks with Scott, Ollie is much more confident and easier to manage day to day. In our take home lesson, Scott took the time to walk me through my role and built up my own confidence in making sure Ollie continues to develop and learn. Whatever you think of the cost – it’s totally worth it for the peace of mind and for the better, more free life for you dog!

Connor M.

Scott is an excellent trainer–he has a knack for communicating with dogs and their owners to achieve (and importantly, maintain) training goals. I have sent my Pomeranian puppy to Scott for two board and train programs (when she was 4 months old and again at 11 months) and have observed great progress in her temperament and recall ability. I discussed my goals and concerns with Scott before each training program (potty training, separation anxiety, basic sit/down/stay/come/place commands, heeling on leash) and he worked with Lu using gentle, positive reinforcement to reach those training goals. The follow-up sessions were immensely helpful and helped me solidify the basic commands. My puppy is growing into a wonderful, well-adjusted dog and I couldn’t be happier!

Arie R.