The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there). And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our dog wizard hat on.

Ann H. AvatarAnn H.

- 5/01/2021 

Ken T. AvatarKen T.

My Dog Brownie is extremely head strong. After 3 weeks of the board and train we have a different dog. We can have a meal without the constant begging for food and have a phone conversation without her barking in the background. Very impressive training with Melanie. - 4/01/2021 

Kim E. AvatarKim E.

We have been working with Melanie for about 3 months now with our 6yr old American Pit Bull Terrier, Sooki. She had leash anxiety and needed some refresh on basic commands. Melanie is an incredibly talented trainer! She has given us many tools and worked to correct not only Sooki's behavior, but our bad habits also! She is professional, reliable, patient and worth every penny! The office staff is also fantastic! They are responsive, kind and professional! I highly recommend The Dog Wizard! - 2/01/2021 

emily t. Avataremily t.

Worth Every Penny! I contacted many dog training programs to help train Hannah (lab/pit mix).. and with her aggression issues, it was hard to find the right spot for her. After a few dogs fights Hannah had started, I was at my wits end. Melanie knew where Hannah needed work just by talking on the phone! We loved seeing videoes and pictures of the training process— meeting new friends, learning new commands and building her confidence up! .. Thanks to Melanie I can now walk with Hannah by my side (without me holding the leash) and I TRUST her, we trust eachother! I now have the tools to keep working with Hannah — Great program. - 7/01/2020 

Connor M. AvatarConnor M.

I should have come to Scott a long time ago. Moving to the city after living in a rural area, my boy Ollie never quite adjusted to the sights and sounds of the city and all of its dogs and people. He was chronically fear aggressive. After two weeks with Scott, Ollie is much more confident and easier to manage day to day. In our take home lesson, Scott took the time to walk me through my role and built up my own confidence in making sure Ollie continues to develop and learn. Whatever you think of the cost - it’s totally worth it for the peace of mind and for the better, more free life for you dog! - 6/01/2020 

Jeremy S. AvatarJeremy S.

we have a rescue shepherd mix who used to be anxious and wild. the other month at the beach, a woman approached us as we were leaving and said, "your dog is the best behaved dog on the beach."we loved working with scott: he's an excellent trainer. he really helped train us train our dog in a loving and firm way. my wife and i often say it's the best investment we've made. - 6/01/2020 

Arianna M. AvatarArianna M.

My dog Savvy finished the 2 week boot camp about two weeks ago. Savvy was having a hard time adjusting to the city and was very anxious which caused her to be very reactive and uncontrollable at times. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to manage Savvy while living in the city but it’s so clear to me that during her two weeks she learned the tools to manage her anxiety in the city. Most impressively Scott has been a tremendous resource even after the program, available through text and offering follow up lessons, which has been important for me to learn how to communicate with Savvy in the new language she learned at camp. I am so so happy we found Scott because I am now confident Savvy has the tools to strive in her new environment. Also she loves seeing Scott during follow ups which shows he cares well for the pups :) - 6/01/2020 

Lauren P. AvatarLauren P.

Scott has been great with my reactive 7 year old pit bull. One of few people who have been able to handle him from the moment they met. It seems to come totally naturally for him. Having Scott’s tools to use has helped me see how Bodhi is starting to build more confidence. And I’m relearning to trust him after several tough experiences with dog fights. It’s going to take consistent work on my part over time, but Bodhi is much more manageable and I now feel like we’re on the right track. - 6/01/2020 

Kristi W. AvatarKristi W.

A special thanks to Scott!The past 6 weeks has been an AMAZING life changing experience for our 2 English Labs! Our 18 month old puppies; transitioned from pulling, jumping on strangers (and family) while walking to well behaved listeners!Our walks are no longer stressful and embarrassing. It is now a relaxing experience for the family, when we walk for exercise. We owe this progress, to Scott's patience and training techniques. The key to successfull training (as dog Owners), is to practice daily in between weekly training sessions!When you trust the process and do the work, the reward is always going to be positive!Cheers! - 6/01/2020 

Sarah d. AvatarSarah d.

We sent our two year old dog to the board and train program and have been really happy with the results. Our dog pulled constantly on the leash and he now walks in a perfect heel and is reliable off leash. We are working on reinforcing all the learnings to keep up the great results! - 6/01/2020 

Marie R. AvatarMarie R.

Scott is an excellent trainer--he has a knack for communicating with dogs and their owners to achieve (and importantly, maintain) training goals. I have sent my Pomeranian puppy to Scott for two board and train programs (when she was 4 months old and again at 11 months) and have observed great progress in her temperament and recall ability. I discussed my goals and concerns with Scott before each training program (potty training, separation anxiety, basic sit/down/stay/come/place commands, heeling on leash) and he worked with Lu using gentle, positive reinforcement to reach those training goals. The follow-up sessions were immensely helpful and helped me solidify the basic commands. My puppy is growing into a wonderful, well-adjusted dog and I couldn't be happier! - 6/01/2020 

Tom E. AvatarTom E.

Scott worked with our rescue dog Bo and has been fantastic with him. We enrolled him in the 2 week full time training program and it made a huge difference in his pulling issues and overall obedience (but he's still the same goofball). Now we are just working on following through and continuing to improve his leash reactivity issues. Highly recommend Scott! - 6/01/2020 

Nancy H. AvatarNancy H.

We are so happy with the results of the 2 week camp and in-home training session! Our rescue, George, is less anxious and less reactive. Scott truly knows what works and has taught us how to continue to help George using his techniques at home. - 6/01/2020 

Whitney B. AvatarWhitney B.

We did some individual and group trainings with our dog, Nala, when she was a puppy. Now she's a stubborn two year old who was an angel indoors, but we could not keep her attention outdoors. She pulled on walks and would not stay next to us, even with tons of treats. We took her to Scott's two week board-and-train program to help teach her how to "heal" and "come" as well as to socialize with other dogs. She came home and I was very impressed with the results. She is much better with walks, more confident around other dogs, and will come when called even during playtime. The program was definitely worth it and I would highly recommend Scott. - 6/01/2020 

Craig P. AvatarCraig P.

Scott's board and train program gets results. He understands dogs and how to help them live happier lives with their people. Two weeks and two follow up lessons have helped us more than two other trainers. Thanks Scott! - 6/01/2020 

DJ B. AvatarDJ B.

A+ experience. My French bulldog of just over a year had anxiety whenever she was left alone. After going through training she's more confident than ever and doesn't cry when I leave.Also really convient for boarding while I was traveling last month. Definitely recommend! - 6/01/2020 

Marda L. AvatarMarda L.

Thank you Scott for making our Charley so incredible. I can not tell you how easy it is to walk her. She confidently walks by my side as busses, trucks and cars wiz by. She amazes me that she will jump on a bench or object as soon as I say “place.” Even my neighbors have noticed. I can talk to them and strangers as she sits next to my leg and waits for a command to walk/heel, play or just explore. Other dogs and animals approach her and she no longer pulls me. The crazy days of her dragging me as she sees a squirrel, bird or leaf are finally over.Scott is the “alpha dog whisperer!” If you are lucky enough to have him work with you and your beloved pet you will be amazed.Marda G. Lazar - 6/01/2020 

Darin S. AvatarDarin S.

Our little puppy was very tough to walk and we just didn't have the right amount of time to hammer the basics into him. We did a 2-week board-and-train with Scott and he did a pretty remarkable job. Oswald came back well behaved, much easier to manage outside, and he's been much better with our 5-year old as well. - 6/01/2020 

Ashley S. AvatarAshley S.

Our dog was very anxious and hated walking outside. After working with the dog wizard, she has become so much easier to walk and is better behaved inside as well. Dog wizard helped us beyond our highest hopes. Scott is a great trainer. Our dog Ella is stubborn and he got through to her and changed her life and ours for the better! - 6/01/2020 

Deidra F. AvatarDeidra F.

Doug helped our shy, aggressive dog become more confident and like to be around people. When training with Doug is over, he continues to give support and has weekly walks for more socializing. This kind of training builds a strong bond between you and your dog!! So happy we chose Doug for our trainer! - 6/01/2019