Our training is not just about teaching commands like sit, down, and come.  We believe teaching your dog how to relax is equally important – and this is skipped in SO many other training programs.  In the history of our 15 years in business, we have never had a client ask if we could help them make their dog more hyper.  So, it would seem relaxation would be one of the most important aspects of training.  Just as important as relaxation is reliability.  Of course, we teach dogs all the basic obedience and commands you will need to communicate with them, but we also teach them how to follow through with these commands even in the most distracting of environments. What good is the “Come” command if it does not work when you need your dog to come because he is running after a squirrel into the path of a car!  We believe in refining your dog’s comprehension of obedience so that it becomes a way of life for them, not just a few tricks they can show off when they are in the mood.  What do dogs get out of being relaxed and reliable?  TONS of freedom.   When your do is relaxed and reliable, they get to go more places, engage with more people and dogs, run and play like a dog, smell everything they want to smell at the park on their own terms….until their owner says “Come”.  Why would they not come when they have all their needs met?  It is simple when you really think about it.

This recipe has worked for us with thousands of dogs over the years!  You will be amazed at how much happier your dogs will be when they are using their brains!  Owners, in turn, feel happier when they have a reliable dog who is fun to be around.  Who wouldn’t rather include their dog in their lives instead of having to leave them home or locked away because they are unmanageable?  We can help you have the dog you have always wanted who is polite to your guests, can be calm in a hectic environment, and knows that with obedience comes more freedom!