Is your dogrunning your house? Pulling on the leash, jumping up on people, chewing everything in sight, counter surfing, or barking non-stop? This can sometimes make owning a dog not a fun experience.  We believe a dog should have a lot of fun, but not in a chaotic way.

Problem solving for owners is behavioral modification for dogs. If your dog is doing something you don’t like, such as chewing, barking, digging, jumping to name a few, there is generally a reason. So our job is to uncover the why, and show you how to turn that bad behavior into a positive one. However, some dogs have practiced a bad behavior for so long the underlying “why” is no longer linked, which means it has become an ingrained habit (something your dog does without conscious thought). For these dogs, the “why” is really no longer important, it is more about creating a new habit all together.

Here at The Dog Wizard Lake Norman, NC, we understand the issues that people deal with when their dog exhibits behavioral problems. The emotional cost, can add up when your canine is acting up. All dogs are designed to be productive and task oriented, or, in other words, they need a “job” in order to feel balanced. By engaging our dogs mentally and teaching them to process information, perform desired behaviors, and use some impulse control, we are able to give them an incredibly valuable outlet to channel their energy into being productive

Our problem-solving approach combines teaching obedience behaviors such as sit, come and place but also creating a calm state of mind and teaching your dog how to relax! When your dog understands how to make better choices and how to listen to us instead of their impulses we create a bond of trust and communication. When both parties know what to do, the results can be amazing!

To improve your relationship, your dog needs structure. This doesn’t mean we need to dull their personality or force them into a military-style regimen. Quite the opposite, actually: a dog who is easily commanded gets more freedom because you can trust them in more situations. All of this contributes to more freedom, happiness, mental stimulation, and opportunities to release energy – for you and your pet! You get a more relaxed dog at home and have more versatility when you do go out.

The whole family wins.

Find the right program for you and your dog!