Do you find yourself constantly yelling “NO!”? Digging holes, jumping on everyone, nuisance barking, chewing on the couch, etc. Good news is, this behavior can be managed. We will work through these problem behaviors and correct those bad habits.

We understand that it can be emotionally draining at times when your pup is acting up. It is a dog’s nature to want to do something…anything to give themselves a job. They are productive workaholics in a since! That squirrel that just got chased up the tree, you guessed it, your dog is trying to earn his keep by ridding the area of vermin because in their mind they think it’s their job to do so. Dog owners don’t always see the work a dog does the same way, though, as they are getting dragged along at the end of the leash while their dog barks like a maniac chasing said squirrel.

Dogs want to be helpful and productive, you may or may not see that right now, but it is true nonetheless. They need mental stimulation and a job to do in order to feel balanced and happy. Our approach is by providing a more positive outlet for them to achieve their mental stimulation. We like to do this by teaching a dog obedience skills like sit, come, stay, etc.  When you engage a dog by teaching them new skills, or even challenging them to strengthen existing skills, you are engaging them mentally; they are learning how to process information, utilize self-control. They start performing tasks that are productive instead of deconstructive. Your dog will learn how to channel their energy into an incredibly valuable outlet!