We enjoy working with every type of dog that comes to our Greenville Dog Training programs. Dogs come to us with all different backgrounds, including those sheltered dogs who have been rescued. We love helping these dogs and rehabilitate them into new loving families, after a long hard life that may not have been so kind. Dogs are truly resilient animals; although their stories may be sad, most of their past traumas can be resolved and they can be re-structured to know what it is like to be in a loving family. This can most often be done by simply providing the dogs with compassionate, loving structure and attention. No matter what your shelter’s dog’s problem may seem to be, we can help!

Abused Dogs

Many rescue dogs have to learn how to trust again after enduring many years of abuse. No matter what type of abuse your dog may have experience, physical or mental, abuse can cause fear of the world and everything in it. Many rescue dogs are so fearful, they are scared to walk outside, making it almost impossible for them to want to do anything. Bonding with their new owner is important and once that is established, rescue dogs become attached to their new owner and cannot cope whenever they are left alone. It can be hard to leave them alone for even just short periods of time. Once these rescue dogs can gain confidence through our Greenville program, the world can turn into a fun and exciting place again. We find joy in restoring rescue dog’s faith with their new owners and seeing them trust and love again.

Bouncing of The Wall Dogs

Another result that can be a cause of poor socialization is a wild dog who is crazy and bouncing off the walls. They lack self-control. These are the types of dogs that have gone from home to home and always end up back at the shelter because they are just too wild and no one can handle their energy. These dogs tend to run away, destroy your entire house, drag their owners around when on a leash, and go crazy every time they see another animal or person. More often than not, dogs like these, end up living in their crate because no one knows how to handle them.
These types of dogs have learned that attention they long for is coming when they have bad manners and behavior. Through our Greenville obedience training programs, we can show these dogs that the opposite behavior is what will give them the attention they need! We can teach your dog to make better choices, exercise self-control, and make them realize that attention will come from good manners, not bad.

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