It is so important that we do right by our puppies in the most influential period of their lives!

Are you thinking about adding a furry family member but dreading the stress it will put on your family during the puppy stages? Are you wondering how to pick the right puppy for your family? Have you owned a dog previously that required a lot of management and want to ensure you have a happy, healthy and sociable dog this time around?

You are not alone! You are not the only person, couple or family considering all these questions, and we are here to help!

Going through those early growing stages can be stressful, messy and sometimes painful, but with our help, we can stop bad behavior before it’s a problem. Habits like chewing, digging, and anxiety can be prevented during the early stages of life. In fact, the right puppy training classes can prevent so many behavioral problems that we see in older dogs. Did you know that most adult dogs that experience significant problems have had some kind of bad experience or lack of experience early on in life? Experiences from the time they are born until they are 16 weeks old will last a lifetime — so it’s important that we get it right! Prevention and ensuring a positive upbringing are key to the success of your puppy, and we are here to do just that!

Let us teach you and your puppy to socialize and interact with other dogs, while engaging in activities that will cover safety, health, obedience, commands, and games in our Puppy Programs. Contact us for more information!