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Bringing a new puppy home is a lot of work. Some adults simply don’t have a lot of time to devote to training the puppy, but they realize their dog needs to know at least basic commands and skills. The Dog Wizard Greenville offers the board and train option for these families.

We understand that dogs need to have self-confidence so they can thrive. They also need to understand the home’s hierarchy with the humans as the leaders. Our training options enable dog owners to build a relationship with their dog that gives the pet the security it needs so it can respect the owner.

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Dog Behavior Problems and Prevention

We help clients and their furry loved ones identify and overcome a variety of preventable behavioral issues.

What’s the Obedience Training Philosophy of The Dog Wizard?

The Dog Wizard believes every dog has unique learning styles. When you choose to work with our experienced dog trainers, your dog’s needs come first. We figure out what works for your dog and create a training program based on your dog’s behavior.

We use several different methods of training, including positive reinforcement, gentle corrective action, and preventive measures. When you combine all three of these, your dog learns which behaviors are acceptable and which aren’t. Our training services can also help address things like excessive barking and separation anxiety.

What Is The Dog Wizard’s Board and Train Program?

The Dog Wizard’s board and train program is an intensive training plan that involves your dog living in our facility to work closely with our trainers. The puppy training program includes teaching the dog basic obedience commands, including:

  • Come
  • Sit
  • Place
  • Down
  • Off

We also work on potty training and leash walking. Because our trainers have ample time to work with your dog during board and train, the dog learns the basic skill set that enables it to become a successful family member in your home.

We offer sessions that last 7, 14, or 21 days. The longer the session, the more skills your dog will learn while it’s with us. Our trainers can work with you to ensure your dog will learn the skills it needs.

How Do The Dog Wizard’s Group Classes and Private Sessions Work with Board and Train?

Once a dog is done with the board and train program, the group training classes and private lessons help reinforce the skills they learned. Since these are done with the owner present, they can also reinforce the relationship between the dog and the owner.

The private training sessions allow you to get individualized instruction and assistance for your dog’s specific situation, including behavior modification techniques for behavioral issues. We can do these in your home, or you can come to our facility.

The group obedience classes provide valuable socialization for your dog. They also give you the chance to work with your dog with distractions around so your dog is better prepared to obey even when things aren’t as quiet as they are at home.

Contact The Dog Wizard Greenville

The Dog Wizard Greenville proudly serves all upstate dog owners. Give us a call at 864-704-1418 to discuss our training options, including board and train. We’ll gladly work out a plan that meets the unique needs of you and your dog. We’re ready to show you why The Dog Wizard is the premier option for reputable dog training in South Carolina.

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Tara and her crew truly care. They are more than willing to work with you. They have always done so well with our dogs. Love all of them.

Sabrina N.

We had a great experience with Greenville Dog Wizard. Tara was professional and very helpful. She was also great with communication

Marc W.

Tara & Damien from the Dog Wizard in Greenville are incredible! They are fantastic not only with dogs but in communicating with the owners.

Ellison W.