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It is disturbing to think about how many dogs here in Greensboro end up in shelters or being euthanized every day JUST because of behavioral problems that could be resolved with some amount of training! Every dog deserves the opportunity to be happy and to reach their potential to be loyal companions to loving families. The Dog Wizard – Greensboro would like to help these dogs reach that potential and help their owners to feel empowered and satisfied with our professional and compassionate approach to dog training.

Don’t give up on your dog or give in to their unruly behavior! We can help your pup become the dog you have always wanted…a dog who comes when called and walks happily beside you on walks, a dog who does not jump on you or your guests, eat your belongings, or terrorize your family.

We want you to see just how vast the possibilities are for you and your beloved canine companion. We believe your relationship with your dog is hinged on you and your dog’s ability to understand each other. The goal of our training is to create happy and confident dogs who know what we need from them and are equally happy to be part of a working and balanced relationship with their families so you can do more with your pup.

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I wanted to give a huge shoutout to Sammie. She is such a hands on dog trainer and such an amazing person overall. We had the pleasure to work with Sammie with training our very handsome Pup Shonu. Sammie has known and trained Shonu since he was 5 weeks old! He loves her to death and the tools we have learned from her have helped us for a lifetime. I highly recommend Sammie for any of your dog training needs. P.S she will not only be your dogs favorite person but also end up being such a good friend.

Ayesha A.

Sammie Giddens is great when it comes to dogs. I have watched her rehab a dog that was fear aggressive to the point he could almost be a therapy dog. When I first met Sammie I was terrified of dogs, I had no idea how to read them, or how they think. I am now taking care of a rescued dog and loving every minute of it. The dog, Luna, was terrified of people when we first got her, now she lets strangers pet her and she actually enjoys it!. A year ago I would have told you that you were crazy if you thought I would ever have a dog, must less love it. Sammie is wonderful with people and dogs. Thank you, Sammie.

Sarinda L.

Sammie Giddens from Greensboro Dog Wizard is absolutely amazing at what she does. She took my dog and turn him into a better dog & gave me confidence that I didn’t know I had. Best training I have ever seen done on a dog! You will not be disappointed by Sammie!

Sarah N.