The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there). And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our dog wizard hat on.

Vicky H. AvatarVicky H.

I was very satisfied. Staff is wonderful - 8/01/2022 

Brittany R. AvatarBrittany R.

Our 6 year old golden mix, Emma, was overly excited and at times incredibly anxious around strangers and other dogs. Her drive to protect her pack, especially in our spaces, was overwhelming at times. We had to make the decision to do what was best for Emma to make her feel safe and secure, that is when we found Dog Wizard. We are so happy that we did! Sarah is absolutely amazing to work with. Their team is flexible to your schedule and will do anything to work around your dog's specific needs and behaviors. In her past, Emma was a difficult dog to be around, now I enjoy her company and know she's happier as well. It is fun to help Emma work and learn new tools to set her up for success. We would never have felt comfortable walking Emma around other dogs, and near the end of her course she was able to do so! I was tearful, proud, and so grateful for Sarah and her guidance in making sure Emma was given consistent direction to feel safe and at ease in her surroundings. I would recommend Dog Wizard to anyone! - 7/29/2022 

Daniel M. AvatarDaniel M.

Life changing experience and process. We came to Sara and Andy with our 6 year old Emma. In our first training, we handed Sara the leash and it was remarkable the relationship she built with Emma immediately. They were able to TRAIN US on how to train our dog, and the progress truly is mind blowing. I highly recommend Dog Wizard to anyone and everyone looking to build a better relationship and train behaviors with their dogs. We will certainly be using them again - THANK YOU Dog Wizard team. - 7/29/2022 

Ali G. AvatarAli G.

Thank you so much Grand Rapids Dog Wizard for all the amazing work and teaching us how to handle our baby with her issues and figure out how to work through them. Sarah our trainer does a phenomenal job. She is very patient with your babies. She helps build your confidence and your pups confidence in each other. The bond you and your pup get out of the training is amazing. Thank you so much for guiding us into the right direction. - 7/29/2022 

Jacqui S. AvatarJacqui S.

I will always recommend Dog Wizard to everyone! Sarah is outstanding at what she does, we were so blessed to have her train our dog. The progress and freedom is unbelievable!! We are so thankful for this program and all that it does for dogs and their owners. Thank you so much for giving us the tools that we need and the confidence to be great dog parents. :) - 5/05/2022 

Tracy J. AvatarTracy J.

Contacting Grand Rapids Dog Wizard is one the the smartest decisions we could have ever made regarding our "pandemic puppy"! Sarah has been nothing shy of a God-send to us! Our Great Dane puppy didn't get the socialization that he should have due to the circumstances revolving around the pandemic, and as a result, became fearful of strangers and other dogs. Having a 150 baby afraid of so much isn't a good situation to be in. Sarah has helped us instill confidence in our boy by giving us the tools to create and maintain behavior boundaries that make Bogart (and mom and dad!) so much happier. We are able to take him places now and know that we will be able to navigate any situation that may arise with our own confidence in our training as well. I truly cannot say enough about how wonderful, patient, and knowledgeable Sarah is with training both dogs and parents! We are still a work in progress, but absolutely could not have done this without her!! - 4/21/2022 

Sue Y. AvatarSue Y.

In April of 2020 I got Stanley. He was just over a year old, had been abandoned, was covered with ticks and fleas, and had wounds from living a survival life on his own. In spite of his rough background, he was a sweet boy and we bonded.The only problem was that he would explode with aggressive barking when he saw another animal. He would get so wound up that I couldn’t calm him down. Thank goodness for Andy. Stanley went to what I called “Sleep Away Behavior Camp” and came home with skills and a calmness that was miraculous. Andy was kind and consistent - and patient as I learned skills to match Stanley’s.I highly recommend Dog Wizard and Andy. I couldn’t be happier. - 6/25/2021 

Anne G. AvatarAnne G.

I maintain that there can never be a trainer superior to Sarah. She not only demonstrates knowledge and expertise beyond my ability to describe, she is flexible, patient, encouraging, and positive.She understands and takes on with confidence canines of every breed and behavior. I live over 5 hours away from her, but I would consider no other option for my dog. She is worth every mile and every penny. Throughout the life of my dog in gratitude I will continue to lean on Sarah's support. Guess you can tell...she is the absolute best. - 6/17/2021 

Olivia L. AvatarOlivia L.

I can’t share enough great things about the Dog Wizard GR and Andy!! We have a 3 year old rescue who needed some work with confidence around people entering the home, dogs, and learning how to walk on a leash. He is very timid and can become aggressive because of his nervousness. This was concerning to us because we have a one year old daughter.Andy was PHENOMENAL. We honestly didn’t know what to do or where to go with Hank and I’m so glad we did the two week board and train with Andy. I was a little nervous at first but we were reassured with videos and photos the whole two weeks.Hank is still our funny boy, but he is much more confident and understands that we are the pack leaders. He trusts us and we now have the tools to help lead him! We couldn’t have come this far without the dog wizard. Thank you again Andy! - 5/02/2021 

Brook B. AvatarBrook B.

Sarah is amazing! She is the only trainer we will ever use! - 1/02/2021 

Katherine “. AvatarKatherine “.

- 7/31/2020 

Renee K. AvatarRenee K.

I would recommend the Dog Wizard to anyone looking for an effective dog training program. We adopted a 1-year-old staffy mix from the shelter who had never lived in a home, and was really more of a handful than I could handle. Our vet said they had heard good things about the Dog Wizard, and I called to schedule an evaluation. Ruby returned from 2 weeks of board/training with Sarah, and the results were so much better than I could have hoped for. It's like she flipped a switch in her brain that turned her from out-of-control, grabbing everything and everyone, into a calm "normal" dog. She's still our Ruby, but a pleasure to live with now. We're working on learning/practicing her commands with her, but her overall state of mind makes that a doable thing now. I cannot say enough how grateful I am to Sarah for her help. I considered the cost an investment to make Ruby a dog we could be happy living with, because I hope to spend many years with her. It was so worth it. - 6/02/2020 

Katherine M. AvatarKatherine M.

- 6/02/2020 

Ryan B. AvatarRyan B.

- 6/02/2020 

Haley C. AvatarHaley C.

- 6/02/2019 

Jimi M. AvatarJimi M.

- 6/02/2019 

Michael L. AvatarMichael L.

Andy did great work with our 4 year old German Shepard. My wife, who has spine issues, can now walk her without the pulling, she is like a different dog. The training not only gave our dog more confidence, but also her humans. Grand rapids dog wizard not only trains the dog but also the people in its life. Wish we did this a few years ago.Thank you so much Grand rapids dog wizard and Andy. - 6/02/2019 

Amy H. AvatarAmy H.

Update 9/18/18 - we finished training in August and are so happy with the results. Sarah is awesome and gave us the tools to continue to build skills and confidence in our dog and ourselves. I recommend GR Dog Wizard to anyone that is in need of training.We are only a few weeks in to our training and we are already seeing huge improvement. Our little boy was hurting himself tying to break out of his crate and has separation anxiety. In just three short weeks we have gone from a dog that wont leave our side to one that loves to hang out on his own and look out the window while we go about our day. I am really looking forward to all the new things we will learn in the next several weeks. Sarah is AMAZING!!! - 6/02/2019 

Michelle B. AvatarMichelle B.

Sarah is AMAZING!!!! I just finished the 8 week freedom program with her and she truly is a dog wizard. My pup and I are so much happier together, I can’t thank her enough. Grand Rapids Dog Wizard is worth every penny! Sarah’s patience with the dog is endless, she treats them as if they were her own fur baby. My family and I will forever be grateful for Sarah. (: - 6/02/2019 

Christina G. AvatarChristina G.

After adopting Niles, we struggled for one long year with leaving him alone at home, being protective when introducing him to strangers, walking past children or other dogs, and reacting to noises. We had worked with other trainers, but it was so hard to make progress when the first 30 minutes of the training session consisted of Niles barking nonstop at the trainer for being in "his" space. This is where the "Board and Train" program really proved valuable. Sarah was able to teach Niles commands and skills to help him feel more comfortable, confident, and happy. It was the best investment we ever made, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Keep up the great work! - 6/02/2018