We have worked with all types of dogs with every behavioral issue, and we absolutely love rescue rehabilitation. We commonly see rescue dogs that are extremely nervous and those that are wild and out of control. 

Those that are nervous dogs are typically afraid of everything in the world, making it difficult to even step through the door for walks or potty breaks due to their fearfulness. This can be a result of physical or mental abuse ( from under socialization or neglect.) They have little to no trust in humans and their environment. Through a structured obedience program, we can help these pups gain confidence and trust. We get a ton of joy being a part of their journey to a more happy and stress free life!

Another result in poor socialization can be the dog that lacks ALL self-control and is bouncing off the walls. These are the dogs that are destructive to their environment, dragging you to everything they see, and a master of escaping. More than likely they have had multiple homes and just as many stays in a shelter, and have learned that their attention comes from poor manners. We can show them that they can get all the things that they crave by making better choices. We can also show them that they are capable of exercising impulse control, using that brain in a more positive fashion and that ultimately good things come from great manners!

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