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Dog Training in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Owning a dog can bring lots of joy to your life. But if your dog exhibits problematic behavior, it can create a lot of stress for both you and your beloved pet. Some of the most common behavior issues in dogs include aggression toward people or other pets, excessive barking or improper chewing, inappropriate jumping, separation anxiety and lack of proper housebreaking, among other issues. These behaviors are disruptive to your household, and they can have a negative impact on your dog’s quality of life. That’s why it’s important to socialize your dog through proper obedience training. 

While each dog has a unique personality, you can instill the type of behavior you want your dog to exhibit. And no matter its age, breed or temperament, every dog can benefit from basic obedience training. Training builds confidence, provides mental stimulation and strengthens the bond between dogs and the human companion caring for them. At The Dog Wizard, we understand that it can be challenging to dedicate the time necessary to properly train a dog. That’s why our team is committed to compassionate dog training to help both you and your dog live happier lives. Contact us or stop by one of our Grand Rapids, Michigan, locations to begin your dog’s training program today.

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Dog Behavior Problems and Prevention

We help clients and their furry loved ones identify and overcome a variety of preventable behavioral issues.

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At The Dog Wizard, we’ve trained thousands of dogs through the years and know what factors are important when choosing the right dog training program. From the quality of training methods to the dog trainer’s credentials, it all plays a role in finding a program you can trust. Every member of our team at The Dog Wizard is passionate about dogs. We understand dog behavior and are committed to providing a nurturing environment to produce a dog that’s happy, confident and well-behaved.

In addition to Grand Rapids, Michigan, we offer our dog training services to the following areas:

  • Ada 
  • Cascade 
  • Cedar Springs
  • Grand Haven 
  • Grandville
  • Kentwood
  • Lowell
  • Rockford
  • And the surrounding areas nearby

What Does Dog Training Include?

Dog training is designed to teach a dog particular behaviors or skills, as well as to eliminate undesirable behaviors. Our process begins with a free evaluation. This lets our professional dog trainers meet you and your dog, discuss your training goals and find a program that works for you. At The Dog Wizard in Grand Rapids, our dog training program is founded on providing a comfortable environment to help the dog fully embrace training. We use a combination of methods to achieve this. Some of our training methods are based on providing treats as encouragement, also known as reward-based training. We also work with dogs and owners to develop other positive reinforcement options, such as enrichment activities.

We offer a range of class styles, including group classes and private sessions, so you can find a program that works best for you and your dog. Typically, a combination of class types works best. Group classes can encourage socialization and may help dogs learn to obey commands even in the face of distractions. Individual private obedience lessons can reinforce the skills learned in group classes in a more targeted way. Regardless of the format, the key is to find a program that works for your dog, because not all canines respond to the same methods.

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Sarah is AMAZING!!!! I just finished the 8 week freedom program with her and she truly is a dog wizard. My pup and I are so much happier together, I can’t thank her enough. Grand Rapids Dog Wizard is worth every penny! Sarah’s patience with the dog is endless, she treats them as if they were her own fur baby. My family and I will forever be grateful for Sarah.

Michelle B.

Andy did great with our 4 year old German Shepard. My wife, who has spine issues, can now walk her without the pulling, she is like a different dog. The training not only gave our dog more confidence, but also her humans. Grand Rapids Dog Wizard not only trains the dog but also the people in it’s life. We wish we did this a few years ago.

Michael L.

We can’t speak highly enough of Sarah and the work she did with our dog Sophie. Sophie is a rescue and has always been very nervous around people and new situations, and had some dog reactivity. But, she was also so energetic and crazy excited. Sarah worked with Sophie to increase her confidence and channel her energy. It is like having a different dog. Sophie is much more confident and calm( but still has her spunky personality). This was truly the best money we ever spent!

Sarah W.