The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there). And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our dog wizard hat on.

Erin T. AvatarErin T.

We have been having a very good experience with Melanie @ The Dog Wizard! In preparation for a new family member this January, we knew investing in professional dog training would ease some of the stress that we were anticipating with the big changes coming up. We adopted Honey, our lab/husky mix at 14 weeks old and for the past 4 years, created a very spoiled dog. Our main area concerns were jumping, barking, and excessive pulling on the leash. Since returning from the 18 day jump start program, these issues have significantly decreased - my husband and I are now able to comfortably go for daily walks and Honey listens to basic commands. Melanie was responsive and provided us photos and videos throughout Honey's stay which eased our nerves and made us excited to see her progress! We look forward to continuing this process and even utilizing The Dog Wizard for boarding in the future. - 11/07/2021 

Nora L. AvatarNora L.

Dog Wizard was amazing! Me and boyfriend adopted Leia (medium sized pit terrier mix) we didn’t know at the time that she had a big problem with other dogs. When on walks she she would have terrible leash reactivity to the point we were scared to take her out all together. We had just moved to a new apartment in the city and it was very scary walking in hallways with her or take her on the walks she deserved. We got in touch with Melanie and did the dog boarding training, it was sad she was gone for two weeks but Melanie contacted us updating us on her progress throughout. We got Leia back and at our take home lesson we were still pretty timid but Melanie did a great job not only training Leia with leash reactivity but teaching me and my boyfriend to have confidence in walking her and trusting her. Not only did she teach Leia leash reactivity but also basic commands that she was struggling with such as stay, come and jumping on people when she went to greet them. We went to another follow up group lesson and Leia was excited to see Melanie again. I am so happy to say I can take Leia on many more adventures and I now can trust her when I take her walks. - 9/18/2021 

Denise C. AvatarDenise C.

Melanie really had her work cut out for her when I introduced her to Millie a Chihuahua/MinPin mix. She barked incessantly and was very protective of me so no one, and I mean no one could come near me. Melanie worked with Millie for 28 days at her home and returned to me well behaved, leash trained, friendly dog. It was absolutely amazing! I can now have friends over without barking and jumping - she socializes and we go to our favorite stores together. I would HIGHLY recommend Melanie as a trainer - she changed our lives! - 2/02/2021 

Jessica B. AvatarJessica B.

We absolutely LOVE Melanie!!! Melanie has helped our sweet Lacey by teaching her how to enjoy meeting new people and other dogs, along with teaching her commands that have proven to be invaluable, such as place, stay, come, and several other basic commands, and how to take a relaxing walk around the neighborhood!! Melanie goes above and beyond by always being there for you with any questions that might come up in the future!! She truly cares and it shows by how happy your dog is after working with her!! - 2/02/2021 

Kim E. AvatarKim E.

We have been working with Melanie for about 3 months now with out 6yr old American Pit Bull Terrier, Sooki. She had leash anxiety and needed some refresh on basic commands. Melanie is an incredibly talented trainer! She has given us many tools and worked to correct not only Sooki's behavior, but our bad habits also! She is professional, reliable, patient and worth every penny! The office staff is also fantastic! They are responsive, kind and professional! I highly recommend The Dog Wizard! - 2/02/2021 

Meghan M. AvatarMeghan M.

I enrolled my 4.5 yo Shepherd/Dane mix into the Jumpstart 21 Day program and I couldn't be happier with the results. My dog, Louis, was aggressive towards strangers on walks, in our home and just fearful of anyone new. He was also very hard to handle on walks and destructive of things in our home. Louis has come home a totally different dog; more relaxed, less fearful, more obedient and ultimately, a happier pup. Melanie was amazing! She was very open and honest and even felt it was necessary for Louis to stay a bit longer in the board and train program. Melanie worked her magic and not only worked with Louis, but she has helped me be more confident with handling Louis in our home and on walks! I am forever grateful for her and the Dog Wizard of Gastonia! Melanie changed our lives for the better! - 8/02/2020 

Michael H. AvatarMichael H.

We had an awesome experience with Dog Wizard Gastonia. We sent our 5 year old dog Scout for a major refresher course in basic obedience. When he came back we were shocked and didn’t think it was the same dog. He listened so much better . I would Highly recommend Dog Wizard Gastonia - 8/02/2020 

Donato “. AvatarDonato “.

The Dog Wizard Gastonia has done a wonderful job with our dog, Buddy. He has become more confident, and obedient. We can finally have people over the house. Melanie was very helpful by answering all our questions, and was always willing to work with us. We got frequent updates with Buddy’s progress. Her training was effective. It was exactly what our rescue needed. We highly recommend her services. - 7/30/2020 

emily t. Avataremily t.

Worth Every Penny! I contacted many dog training programs to help train Hannah (lab/pit mix).. and with her aggression issues, it was hard to find the right spot for her. After a few dogs fights Hannah had started, I was at my wits end. Melanie knew where Hannah needed work just by talking on the phone! We loved seeing videoes and pictures of the training process— meeting new friends, learning new commands and building her confidence up! .. Thanks to Melanie I can now walk with Hannah by my side (without me holding the leash) and I TRUST her, we trust eachother! I now have the tools to keep working with Hannah — Great program. - 7/02/2020 

Ashley B. AvatarAshley B.

I am so thankful I came across The Dog Wizard. Melanie did a wonderful job with my Standard Poodle, Cora. In just a few short weeks Cora has learned many commands one of which is to be around people in public without pulling on the leash and jumping up on people. I would highly recommend Melanie. She is the BEST!!! - 7/02/2020 

Jennifer L. AvatarJennifer L.

When my husband and I adopted Popci, we were her third home. She had many issues ranging from aggression, destruction of things when left alone, leash reactivity, and running away and not coming back when called. We even put her on medication, but it didn't work. After being at my wits end, I called to schedule a consultation. I felt so hopeful after speaking with Melanie. She suggested Popci come board and train, and I'm so glad she did. Popci has become calm, obedient, and confident. She is no longer leash reactive, and enjoys her daily structured walks. My neighbors have commented they can't believe she is the same dog. Before Melanie's training I would have never dropped the leash and walked away from Popci and expect her to be in the same place when I turned around. I can do that now. Another great thing about Melanie is that not only did she keep me posted with pictures and videos during Popci's training time, but she has messaged me several times since Popci came home, and I have messaged her with questions. She has always gotten back to me promptly. I cannot recommend The Dog Wizard Gastonia enough. I don't trust many people with my dogs. I trust Melanie completely. Melanie has been the answer to our Popci prayer!! - 7/02/2020 

Madison AvatarMadison

Awesome experience!!! Hands down better than I even imagined. Our German shepherd pup needed some basic training along with socialization training. She would bark non stop out in public to the point it was embarrassing. I tried everything I knew possible and nothing was helping. Our vet actually recommended the dog wizard and I’m so glad they did! Thank you so much Melanie!! ❤️ - 7/02/2020 

Sharon S. AvatarSharon S.

Melanie did a great job with our dog, Dakota. We rescued Dakota a year ago and tried to use all kinds of tips we found online to deal with Dakota’s aggression towards other dogs. Dakota is 75 lbs so she was difficult to control when she wanted to go after something. After none of it seemed to work, we were dealt with the stress and anxiety of walking Dakota. We could not take her anywhere with us for fear that she would cause a disruption. After an informative consultation with Melanie, we decided to send Dakota to the three week board and train program. We were afraid that Dakota would be difficult to train due to her age (7 yo) but when we got Dakota back, she was incredibly obedient and responsive to our commands. Now we can take Dakota to dog parks and she’s even made friends with other dogs. It is a continuing training process but Melanie gave us the tools to work with Dakota at home. - 7/02/2020 

Donato R. AvatarDonato R.

The Dog Wizard Gastonia has done a wonderful job with our dog, Buddy. He has become more confident, and obedient. We can finally have people over the house. Melanie was very helpful by answering all our questions, and was always willing to work with us. We got frequent updates with Buddy’s progress. Her training was effective. It was exactly what our rescue needed. We highly recommend her services. - 7/02/2020 

Aixa A. AvatarAixa A.

Our pup came to our family a little older than most pups at 4 months. When he did, he was scared of the world around him. Everything startled him and even something as simple as getting him to eat was a challenge. Melanie completely changed this pups world and ours for the better! He came back a more confident pup ready to explore the world. We can’t thank her enough for helping us with this as we had no clue how to help him not be afraid. Would definitely recommend her, it was worth every penny! - 7/02/2020 

Patty G. AvatarPatty G.

We thought we would have to give my dog away but Melanie came to the rescue and I can’t recommend her enough she did so well with my dog and the training was worth every cent - 6/02/2020 

Leandra H. AvatarLeandra H.

Melanie is an amazing dog trainer, out of the Gastonia Dog Wizards. We reached out to them for help and Melanie responded back to us. We discussed all the issues we were having with our dog when she called us that evening and we went over all the options, we felt best with her taking and working with him. The following captures the issues we were having with our sweet dog: he was very leash reactive to other people and other dogs (and behavior was getting worse and worse,) he was also growling at our cats to keep the from getting on the couch and running them up the stairs (he was worse when my husband was gone), and he loved to bark at everything when at home, especially our neighbors when out back or taking their trash can out to the road. He is a very nervous and shy dog as he would shake and bark when we had friends over or when out in public. He is a rescue and we don’t know anything about his history prior to us adopting him. When she brought Hunter back to us and did his take home training session I could already see a huge difference in him, we have made the couch invitational only which has been a huge help. He listens very well, stays on place when someone knocks on the door, and we are able to control the barking now. When we met her for our follow-up session at a park, he was amazing at walking by other dogs and people with no reaction. It has been an amazing experience with Melanie, she was great with communicating with us by all forms of communication as we’ll, sending pictures and videos of his progress when she could. We our now a couple of weeks out and he is still doing great and she is available to answer my questions as they come up. She currently has our other dog and will certainly post a review once he is home. I certainly recommend her as a dog trainer for all aspects of training. We are able to enjoy taking Hunter out with us now and are able to enjoy dining outside with him, when possible. It has decreased the stress as a whole in our house. - 6/02/2020 

Marla W. AvatarMarla W.

We have a very cute and loveable high energy 2 year old sheepadoodle. But he's lucky he is so cute. He always found a way to get into mischief and it was exhausting trying to stay one step ahead of him. His counter surfing incidents had landed him at the emergency vet a few times, and he had also started getting into trouble by attempting to aggressively "herd" the neighbor dogs, which they did not like at all. For his own protection and our sanity we looked for a board and train program to help us get him under control. After a thorough search and reading of reviews, we chose The Dog Wizard. It was the best decision we could have made. Melanie was wonderful with Yogi! Over the course of a few weeks she created a solid foundation which we are now able to build upon. Not only did she train him, she trained us on how to be better dog parents for him. She worked on his counter surfing, chasing the cat, leash aggression, jumping on people, coming when called, etc. With consistency at home, we are able to communicate more effectively with him and he with us. He is much better behaved and overall happier because we are meeting his needs too. He will sometimes still push the boundaries, but we are now better equipped to reinforce the limits and redirect him. This was the best investment we could have made for our sweet pup. (The photos are of him working on his down stays rather than attempting to lick the dishes in the diswasher; on "place" while we eat dinner rather than trying to put his nose on the table or counter surfing in the kitchen; and then playing in the yard just for cuteness. ) Thank you Melanie & everyone at The Dog Wizard! - 6/02/2020 

Kathy S. AvatarKathy S.

Melanie did a great job with my 6 month old German shepherd Athena. She was full of puppiness and needed to be socialized and now after her training she has more manners and behaves very well. With the help of Melonys training and my following thru my Athena is going to be a very well behaved adult! I recommend this to everyone! - 6/02/2020 

elizabeth h. Avatarelizabeth h.

Melanie was a huge help with issues we had with our rescue pup and helped us out when it was time to expand the dog familyWe have had Jessie with us for a week and she is well trained and a joy to haveThank you Melanie for always being available and truly caring about the dogs - 6/02/2020