Every member of our Dog Wizard team is extensively trained and experienced in a broad base of training techniques and behavior issues, which allows us to capably address a wide range of training needs.  We see each dog as a unique case and work closely with the owners to create a training plan that satisfies each dog’s needs and helps the owners reach their individual goals. See what our clients have to say about us.

I couldn’t recommend Melanie and Gastonia Dog Wizard enough. She took my huge, sweet but VERY anxious black lab puppy and got him to a place where he’s calm, obedient and confident. We did the board and train program and Melanie kept him longer to work on his anxiety and make sure he was comfortable in everything he learned. He is completely off-leash trained, ALWAYS listens and has gotten rid of the majority of his bad habits. I can walk him without being pulled and be confident and public that he’s going to behave. All anyone does is comment on his behavior and training. Melanie is a rockstar and dog whisperer! His training was worth every day he was gone and every cent I paid.

Kat T.

First off…Melanie is amazing! She is an absolutely amazing trainer! The gift she has given our family with our dog, Bella, being part of the family instead of always staying at home is really priceless.

I’ll start from the beginning though. Bella is 8 years old and had many issues with door scratching, barking, squeaking, whining, separation anxiety, nervousness, didn’t like new people, aggression at other dogs, snapping at her now crawling sister…the list was long. We went through the eval with Melanie and had such a connection… I knew I wanted her to be our trainer. The 2 weeks with Bella away was rough but Melanie sent me updates, pictures, called and answered all my questions. Bella returned such a well behaved dog and honestly so much happier…she had purpose and works to make us happy. She is part of our lives. When people would come over before she would have to be sent to another room due to barking, nervousness, etc. Now she is with everyone and interacts so well and it return gets attention and treats. If you are contemplating…go for it! Your dog will be part of your life instead of just at home. You can take them places…in the car, to parks, on walks, on vacation, to dinner. It really doesn’t stop after the 2 weeks either, The Dog Wizard family is always there for you. Now a month later, Melanie still answers my questions and helps when we are having any issues or need support. If you are worried that your dog won’t have fun or be too structured…it’s not the case. Bella has structure but still enjoys a fun game of fetch. I am so happy we made the decision to become part of The Dog Wizard family and have Melanie train Bella. My only regret…we didn’t do it sooner!

Erika W.

Melanie is fantastic –  four years ago she trained my great dane, Henri.  He’s very sweet, but at 140 lbs he was tremendously disobedient and a nightmare on a leash.  H came back from her training program the same sweet boy, but so much easier to handle. Melanie still boards H several times a year – it’s a bit of a drive from Charlotte, but completely worth it.  He gets a little training booster, I know he’s not cooped up in a kennel, and she treats him like one of her own. I give Melanie my highest recommendation.

Amy C.

We have a very cute and loveable high energy 2 year old sheepadoodle. But he’s lucky he is so cute. He always found a way to get into mischief and it was exhausting trying to stay one step ahead of him. His counter surfing incidents had landed him at the emergency vet a few times, and he had also started getting into trouble by attempting to aggressively “herd” the neighbor dogs, which they did not like at all. For his own protection and our sanity we looked for a board and train program to help us get him under control. After a thorough search and reading of reviews, we chose The Dog Wizard. It was the best decision we could have made. Melanie was wonderful with Yogi! Over the course of a few weeks she created a solid foundation which we are now able to build upon. Not only did she train him, she trained us on how to be better dog parents for him. She worked on his counter surfing, chasing the cat, leash aggression, jumping on people, coming when called, etc. With consistency at home, we are able to communicate more effectively with him and he with us. He is much better behaved and overall happier because we are meeting his needs too. He will sometimes still push the boundaries, but we are now better equipped to reinforce the limits and redirect him. This was the best investment we could have made for our sweet pup. (The photos are of him working on his down stays rather than attempting to lick the dishes in the diswasher; on “place” while we eat dinner rather than trying to put his nose on the table or counter surfing in the kitchen; and then playing in the yard just for cuteness. ) Thank you Melanie & everyone at The Dog Wizard!

Marla W.

Melanie has a heart of gold….She is an excellent Dog Trainer and really focuses in on the dog’s needs/issues and goes over and above for them. You can sense that this is not just a “job” for her, but that she truly loves what she does and loves her clients and their families. I have done Dog Rescue Work for 20 years and have encountered many Trainers…She is a total cut above. We met last year and as of this date she has wonderfully trained and socialized a dog we rescued that had a terrible past…she had many, many issues….  Today, that doggie is living in a wonderful home and has a great life….all thanks to Melanie. We recently just pulled a dog who had about 30 minutes left to live in a local shelter because we were told many times he was aggressive and that none of the staff could handle him…. We had no one else to turn to to try and save him, as we are only rescuers, not trainers. We reached out to Melanie and immediately, she said she would help…The first 5 minutes with her, he was walking on a leash, tail wagging…we believe he was thanking her for saving his life…Thank YOU Gastonia Dog Wizard for being so intuned to what these dogs really need and for your dedication.


Furever Loved Rescue

Melanie our trainer from Dog Wizard was amazing with our two labs Piper and Scout. Our lives have completely changed since training. It’s so nice to be able to walk them in the neighborhood and not be pulled or dragged down the street. We can also take them out in public and them not show out at other dogs or people. Before Dog Wizard walking them or taking them out in public was next to impossible, and everybody knew we were there. Yes, we were “that family”. Since training, we’ve had several neighbors stop while we were outside and comment on how well behaved they were and ask where they were trained because thier dog needed to go. We take them on vacations and have had zero issues in the campground. Thank you Dog Wizard for everything. We couldn’t be happier.

Angela E.