Our Formula for Your Success

Our training is not just about teaching behaviors (Sit, Come, Down). Instead, we believe in teaching your dog how to make better choices and how to listen to us instead of their impulses.

Of course we teach your dogs all of the basic obedience and commands you will need to communicate with them, but we also teach them how to be engaged and to follow through with these commands even in the most distracting of environments. What good is the “Come” command if it does not work when you need your dog to come because he is running after a squirrel into the path of a car!?

We believe in refining your dog’s comprehension of obedience so that it becomes a way of life for them, not just a few tricks they can show off when they are in the mood.

Genuine Love of Dogs

First and foremost, we are in this business because we love dogs. We love seeing dogs’ lives improve because of training. We love seeing owners’ lives improve because of their dog’s training. It never gets old.

Unmatched Customer Service

Our goal is to make both the dog and human client ecstatically happy. We do this with great communication, processes, and training. We answer and return your phone calls and emails. We also make it easy to schedule training sessions. We are always here when you need us.

Balanced Training

We train using a motivational method based around an intricate marker system, with the thoughtful use of pressure based on clear communication, consistency, trust and mutual respect.

We understand that naturally there are two types of behaviors that dogs will exhibit: self-rewarding and neutral. Self-rewarding behaviors are behaviors that lead to self-preservation and/or food acquisition such as running, jumping, barking, biting, chasing and eating. Neutral behaviors are all the rest like sitting, lying down, and coming when called. We believe that you cannot reward away self-rewarding behaviors. We have learned that dogs can be taught that neutral behaviors are not only worth doing but are a great path to good things.

Proven Training Methods

We have processes, techniques, and tools that we use to solve behavioral problems and teach obedience. These systems have created a lot of happy clients (both human and dog). However, we also understand that every dog is unique, and every now and again, we will use a technique or tool in a different way that just fits an individual dog to achieve the desired result. Our training methods’ objective is to create a happy, confident, and reliable dog.

Our Dog Trainers

Every member of our Dog Wizard team is extensively trained and experienced in a broad base of training techniques and behavior issues, which allows us to capably address a wide range of training needs.  We see each dog as a unique case and work closely with the owners to create a training plan that satisfies each dog’s needs and helps the owners reach their individual goals.  We also believe that the success of every dog is linked to the owner’s ability to work effectively with their dog.  We specialize in transferring all of our skills to each member of the family as needed, and uphold our commitment to the success of your dog through our lifetime training guarantee.

Core Values


The combined efforts of The Dog Wizard dog trainers and the dog owner are what makes the training work. We work with dog owners to achieve the goals they have for dog training. We then engage the dog owner in the training program so that the results are long-lasting and achieve the goals they have for dog training.

We then maintain an ongoing relationship so that the dog owner continues to enjoy the long-term benefits of engaging with The Dog Wizard for their dog training needs.


We utilize an open-minded and balanced approach toward training. We understand that no two dogs are alike. We also understand that, like children, every dog has their own behavioral style and needs. We get to know each dog in front of us, tailoring our instruction to the needs of the dog owner and the learning capacity of the dog. We do not push dogs beyond their attention capacity. We take them from where they are to the place the dog owner would like their dog to be, and at a pace that is best for the dog. This approach is not only best for the dog, but it also achieves long-lasting results.


Because each dog has its own personality and learning style, we accept them for who they are. We also accept that each dog will learn at their own pace.

Therefore, we take each dog from where they are to the place their owner wants them to be by implementing an individualized training plan. We assess each dog and map a plan designed for success as determined by their owner and their individual personality.


We take care to implement a balanced training program that is destined to achieve desired results. We also take care to handle each dog in the most professional and ethical manner possible.

We treat each dog with respect and accept that each dog is different and their needs vary. We are committed to handling each dog in the same loving and caring manner as their owner.


We implement a balanced training program that is destined to achieve the desired results. We also take care to achieve the goals set out at the beginning of the engagement.

By working with the dog owner to develop an actionable plan for training that is based on the needs of the owner and the learning and behavioral style of the dog, we are able to fulfill the expectations of the owner and achieve desired results.