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It’s not magic.

It’s dog training done right.

No one gets a dog anticipating problems in Fredericksburg and our dog training experts can help!

As our hearts first connect with our new puppy, we don’t anticipate our dog ever being difficult to walk, destroying the furniture, or showing aggression. We dream of taking hikes, playing fetch, hanging out with the family and friends, and of course, catching naps together on rainy days.

We are here to make that dream come true.

No matter if it is hyper, out of control behavior, aggression, nervousness, separation anxiety, or helping your puppy start his life off right, we have just the program for you.

With all the different training philosophies out there, treats or no treats, collars or harnesses, corrections or no corrections, it can be very confusing for all new dog owners. Truth is, almost all training styles and methods have pros and cons. Our philosophy is simple. It takes a balanced technique to create a balanced dog. As in any relationship, clear communication is the key to happiness. We believe your relationship with your dog is hinged on you and your dog’s ability to understand each other.

Most trainers concentrate on the dog understanding you, but we put just as much value (if not more) on you understanding your dog. By establishing an effective two way line of communication, you can learn what your dog is trying to tell you and how you can help them reach success.

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Karen helped me understand my K9 by interpreting the K9’s reaction to scent, body positioning, and overall movement. Once I was trained to understand the K9 we were able to build as a stronger team.

Karen is a positive person who takes the time to explain not just how but the why we do things, and her patience in  working with the handler to ensure a balanced and meaningful training is amazing

Shawn H.

Karen’s passion and commitment to the industry is demonstrated by her love and understanding of K9 behavior. Karen has been a personal Mentor to me over the years and has had a great influence in my training career in K9 Disaster Response.

Pamela P.

Karen, Fredericksburg Dog Wizard, offers dog owners the unique opportunity to work with a trainer who applies her wealth of experience and training techniques in a way that prioritizes your relationship with your dog and your dog’s success above all else. Other trainers can create results, but Karen creates results without compromising the joy of being a dog owner!

Kathleen K.