At The Dog Wizard Fort Collins there is nothing we understand better than dogs! As for the dogs, there is nothing they understand better than our unique training programs.  We design programs to fit your dog’s behavior, specific issues, age, and history. We also know that obedience and good behaviors are essential to your furry friend’s happiness. Better behavior means more freedoms, and more freedoms mean more fun, adventures, and being part of the family.

The goal of our training is to create happy and confident dogs that are excited to work for their families.  We strongly believe dogs have innate needs that must be met for them to feel balanced. Dogs like to socialize, think, problem solve, and use their instincts.  If not allowed to do this ,and forced to be a “human”, it makes them act in ways that are not ideal.

We believe that every dog is unique and every client faces their own set of challenges; in order to effectively prescribe a solution for you, we ask that you set up a time for a consultation so that we can get to know you and your dog better.

All of our trainers at The Dog Wizard come to you with the knowledge, technique, and passion for what they do.  This enables them to use the best proven methods for training your dog. After your initial consultation with your personal dog trainer, they will sit down with you and discuss the best methods of training, the pros and cons of each, and which one is the best choice for your specific dog and your expectation