Socialization is the key component to having a balanced dog.

Dogs by nature have social desires that need to be met, but not all socialization is created equal. Whether it is proper socialization at a young age, your dog needs to learn appropriate social skills to be in a pack, or teaching coping skills for a dog with fear of other dogs we are here to help!

Socialization is a fundamental part of what we do to help you and your dog achieve a well balanced life. Dogs need plenty of physical and mental exercise in order to feel balanced and productive. It is so crucial for young dogs to learn appropriate skills, and that not every dog wants them all in their face. Learning how to have good manners with ALL kinds of temperaments may save your dog from harm in the real world. 

Our “recipe for success” includes combining meeting social needs and understanding that all dogs are designed to be productive and task oriented. In other words, they need a “job”.  We must mentally fulfill our dogs, teach desired behaviors and appropriate social interactions to create a well behaved dog that is a positive part of your life.

You will be amazed at how much happier your dogs will be when they are using their brains and their needs are being met!

Owners, in turn, feel happier when they have a reliable dog who is fun to be around.  Wouldn’t you rather include their dog in their lives instead of having to leave them home or locked away because they are unmanageable?  We can help you have the dog you have always wanted, A dog who is polite to your guests, can be calm in a hectic environment, and knows that with obedience, comes more freedom!