In our Durham training programs, we work with every type of dog coming from every background imaginable, and this certainly includes rescue dogs! We specialize in rehabilitating these dogs so that they can become a productive member of the family. Dogs are truly resilient, so most of their problems can be resolved once they have some structure, obedience, and compassionate attention. Whether your rescue dog is under-socialized and nervous, recovering from an abusive environment, or just wild and out of control, we can help!

Abused Dogs

Rescue dogs who have been abused need to learn how to trust again. Whether the abuse was physical or mental (resulting from neglect and under-socialization), these dogs are typically afraid of the world and everything in it. It can be very difficult to even get these dogs out just to walk them for exercise because their fear issues make it nearly impossible. Once these types of dogs begin to gain some confidence through a structured obedience program, they can start to see the world as an exciting and interesting place instead of a world that is overwhelming and frightful. We get a lot of joy out of restoring these neglected or abused dogs to the trusting and faithful creatures they were intended to be.

Bouncing of The Wall Dogs

A different result of neglect and poor socialization can be the wild and crazy dog who is bouncing off the walls and lacking in all self-control. These are the dogs who have gone from one home to the next, always ending up back in the shelter because no one can manage them. These dogs drive people mad by bolting and running away, destroying everything in the house, dragging people around when on a leash, and going insane every time they see another dog or human. These are the dogs that, sadly, end up living in their crates because people do not know how to deal with them. The reality is that these dogs have learned that all attention comes from bad manners. It is our job to show them that the OPPOSITE is actually true! Through our Durham obedience training programs, we teach these dogs to use their brains to make better choices, to exercise impulse control, and to see that much better things come from good manners!

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