It is always rewarding to rescue a dog and see their development with the rehabilitation process. According to the Humane Society, 1.2 million dogs are euthanized a year. Luckily, dogs are some of the most resilient creatures on earth so we see many successful rescues where dogs go from being neglected and sheltered to happily swimming off-leash in the lake.

Many rescue dogs are not properly socialized, have been neglected, or abused. Under socialized dogs are often scared of most everything. These dogs need proper socializing in order to become manageable for their owners and to live more relaxing lives. In this type of situation we would make sure to place a strong emphasis on socialization during training. 

Abused Dogs

Rescue dogs who have been abused need to learn how to trust humans again. Whether the abuse was physical or mental (resulting from neglect and under-socialization), these dogs are typically afraid of the world and everything in it. It can be very difficult to even get these dogs out just to walk them for exercise because their fear issues make it impossible. Once a bond with their new owners is established, it may become so strong that these dogs cannot cope with being alone. Their entire sense of well-being becomes hinged on their proximity to their new “people”, making it difficult to leave them alone for even short periods of time. Once these types of dogs begin to gain some confidence through a structured obedience program, they can start to see the world as an exciting and interesting place. We get a lot of joy out of restoring these neglected or abused dogs to the trusting and faithful creatures they were intended to be.

Bouncing of The Wall Dogs

A poorly socialized dog can also be hyperactive. These dogs sometimes come from multiple different owners and have developed bad habits such as jumping, leash pulling, bolting and chewing because they have never been shown the proper way to act or to get attention. This type of dog usually gets little freedom because the owner is afraid what may happen if they give it. This cycle only feeds the problem.

Our training programs are specifically designed to help these common types of rescues and others re-learn how to act so they can regain their freedom and confidence.

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