A lot of times, when you think of socialization, the general public thinks of dog parks or their dog being able to play with other dogs; however, it is not the case.  An under-socialized dog is labeled as afraid, skittish, and sometimes aggressive. The frustration a dog feels by being under-socialized can cause quite a headache for many owners.  Many owners are left confused as to why their dog is so afraid of their postman, walking up or downstairs, the garbage bag moving, some are terrified of even walking out the front door or getting in the car. A well-socialized dog is one that can be in all types of environments, around different people, and other animals, this doesn’t mean that your dog is expected to interact with these various distractions.  

The purpose of this socialization is that your dog feels safe and confident around whatever life throws their way. We want safe interactions with all sorts of places, people, and things. Our training philosophy that we utilize for under socialized dogs is helping dogs make good association changes when interacting with something that it may be afraid of.  We work on positively changing their opinions through the use of consistency, structure, and confidence-building as well as lots of patience, love, and food! The results on changing a dog’s mind about something they are afraid of isn’t about forcing them to work through it, but instead, we are making sure that when they do have to go through something they are unconfident about, we make sure that each experience has left a positive impression and build off of that. 

Let us help you, help your dog learn confidence and feel comfortable in their own fur.

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