How rewarding is it to adopt a dog that truly needs to find a forever home? It is up there on the list; we can tell you that. Here at The Dog Wizard Upstate, we have dogs that come through our training programs that have all kinds of baggage from past lifestyles, and this definitely includes rescue dogs. Dogs are resilient creatures; their hearts are big and vastly forgiving and open to learning. We have helped dogs that have been returned to the rescue multiple times, dogs that have been from hoarding situations, neglected, abused, and even pups that their history is entirely unknown. We have helped those dogs stay with their forever families by working through their individual issues through obedience, structure, and compassionate attention.  We can help those under socialized, nervous, recovering from abuse, wild or out of control dogs through our balanced and caring training methods.

Abused Dogs

Those dogs that have been abused need help to learn how to trust again. The abuse they experienced could have been physical or mental; either way, those pups are typically terrified of the world around them and ordinary everyday things. Due to being afraid, it can sometimes be difficult to even get them out of the house to go for a walk to exercise. The bonding process of an abused dog to their new owner can end up becoming overly intense to the point the owner is unable to leave the dog even for a few moments. That pup ends up making their “people” the center of their entire existence, causing everyone to live more stressful and unhealthy lives. It is essential to help these dogs and their families add more structure into their lifestyles to help build up the confidence of their pups. It is wonderfully fulfilling for everyone involved watching the transformation these dogs can make when they start to realize that the world can be a safe and exciting place, watching them evolve into the trusting and noble creatures they were intended to be.

Bouncing of The Wall Dogs

Everyone has heard those unfortunate stories of the dog that has been returned to the shelter from multiple different families because it was too wild and crazy, and no one could put up with them or handle them. This behavior is generally due to poor socialization, and it causes the dog to bounce off the walls and never learn to relax. These are the pups that drive people batty bolting out the front door and running away. They destroy everything in the house, jump on all the furniture and people. They drag you all over the place when you attempt to give them exercise by going on a walk and end up barking like crazy every time you pass another living creature (human, dog, cat…the possibilities are endless). The hard truth behind these dogs’ behavior is that the only thing they know is that this is the way they get attention. They don’t care if its negative attention to them; it is the fact that they are being paid attention to, and that is all that matters to them at the moment. How we help them work through this is by teaching them that the opposite is true and more rewarding to them. Through our obedience training programs, we can teach these pups how to problem solve, think, learn self-control, how to appreciate downtime. They learn that good behavior gets them way more attention that is positive.

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