No one gets a dog anticipating problems.

While being a parent and owner of a dog or puppy can be heart warming and fun it can also be overwhelming and even frustrating.  No matter the age or size a dog’s behavior can test your patience and deplete your pocket book. We have all heard of those dogs that chew up the shoes, rugs or children’s play toys but there are also the dogs that can destroy furniture and the house itself by chewing up doors and walls!  In some cases it can be quite the feat to answer the door while your dog is in the house because they are trying to either run outside or jump on whoever is entering. Maybe you have recently adopted your new best friend and both of you are trying to figure out the lay of the land and all the newness.  We can help with all of these things plus more!

You, as an owner, communicate with your dog every day, but just because you are talking to your dog and telling them what you would like for them to do doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog or puppy is understanding what it is that you are telling them.  This also doesn’t mean that you know what your pooch is trying to tell you either. Humans give all kinds of odd signals to dogs that confuse dogs and could alter the way you continue to communicate with them going forward throughout both of your lives. It is typical of dog owners to assume their dogs are stubborn, ignoring us, or not listening when in reality these dogs are just confused.  We can help you guys build up that line of communication and eliminate these problem behaviors through our educational programs!