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It’s not magic.

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No one gets a puppy or a dog anticipating the issues or problems they will end up having.

We go into bringing a new fur baby home as hopeful dreamers thinking about all the ways having this new pup around is going to be fun taking on walks or hikes, going to the local dog-friendly social hangouts, and cuddling on the couch on rainy days.  There is that feeling you get imagining that ride or die pup who loves you unconditionally and is the perfect member of the family, the one who gets to meet all your friends and goes with you everywhere. In a lot of cases, it slips owners’ minds that dogs are complex processors and thinkers.  They have different needs and wants, and they can’t express it to us by speaking in a human language so that we can clearly understand them.

With that being said, the number of opinions that have formed on raising, training, and just being a good dog owner has accumulated to astronomical amounts all over the internet, television, books, and media in general.  As an owner, when you start to do your research, it can become overwhelming due to the amount of information that is out there. You begin to ask yourself, should my dog wear a harness? Treat training or teach them without treats?  Is a dog park a safe environment for my dog? How does clicker training even work? Should we invest in an electric fence? Should I correct my dog for chewing, or would that cause adverse effects on their personality?  

What all of these different questions amount up to is that there are multiple different training techniques out there to choose from.  Each technique has its own style with pros and cons. The way that we see it here at The Dog Wizard is that every dog and owner are different.  What helps Janet and her dog reach their goal of a happy life together can be different then what Joey and his pup needed. 

Our philosophy is balanced. Excellent communication is the backbone of a healthy and happy relationship. To achieve good communication, then both members of the relationship need to be listened to and taken into account. We all want our dogs to listen to us, but it is equally vital that we listen to them and their needs as well in forming a healthy and happy bond. Our goal in helping you train with your pup is to create a happy, confident dog and owner.  The relationship that we help you to achieve will be a working, healthy balanced bond. In order for that to happen, your dog’s “needs” need to be met just as much as your own.  Dogs need to be provided with socialization, opportunities to think, and problem solve in order to feel harmony and balance. They need to be able to use their instincts that they were born with and allowed to be just a dog.  If we force them to think or act like a human, the result that is produced is unnatural and unbalanced, a lot of times even chaotic.

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Krissy, has been amazing!!! She helped us blend our fur family together after I got married.  She did an amazing job with Tito, who I felt was going to be a super difficult case. Life is amazing because of her guidance and the fact that she is available when Tito’s parents get full of anxiety.  I cannot express our gratitude. We will be sending the other two fur children to learn manners. Thank you Krissy and The Dog Wizard.

Yvonne T.

Krissy at Dog Wizard rescued our family from losing our dog, Zeke.  He would bolt out the door, jump up on everyone in the room & pull us around the yard.  After 2 weeks of training with Krissy, Zeke came home as a well behaved pet that listens to our commands & he very rarely needs to be on a leash.  She would post videos & we could view pictures of Zeke daily. The next lesson needed to be given to our entire family, so that we can be consistent with Zeke, no matter who’s taking him outside.  Not only that, but the tone of voice Krissy used to train Zeke, keeps our family from yelling at him & each other! I give Dog Wizard & Krissy 5 stars for helping us train & keep our family member, Zeke!

Angela H.

Well, we decided to get not one but two Boxer puppies thinking that training would be no problem. HAHA!!! After a year of trying and spending money on a “trainer”, we were at our wits end. Then, we found Krissy at a booth in downtown Spartanburg, Spring Festival. Yes, we were skeptical at first but knew we had to get them trained. Krissy came to our home to evaluate the 2 little “wild” boxers, Max and Lola. She tells us they will train fine. So, we took a deep breath and said OK let’s get them set up to be boarded and trained.

When Max and Lola returned Hubby and I were shocked/speechless. After both spent 14 days with Krissy, they returned so behaved and NO more jumping on people. They took to our commands right away, especially when told to go to “place” and responding to the command “come”.

Max and Lola have now become so well behaved and even more enjoyable. Krissy knows how to work her “magic”. Krissy proved that her training is worth every penny.


Carol O.