The Dog Wizard is a Charlotte dog training company that seeks to make humans’ lives easier and dogs’ lives better.

It is disturbing to think about how many dogs here in Charlotte end up in shelters or being euthanized every day JUST because of behavioral problems that could be resolved with some amount of training! Every dog deserves the opportunity to be happy and to reach their potential to be loyal companions to loving families. The Charlotte Dog Wizard would like to help these dogs reach that potential and help their owners to feel empowered and satisfied with our professional and compassionate approach to dog training.

Don’t give up on your dog or give in to their unruly behavior! We can help your pup become the dog you have always wanted…a dog who comes when called and walks happily beside you on walks, a dog who does not jump on your guests, eat your belongings, or terrorize your family. We want you to see just how vast the possibilities are for you and your beloved canine companion. Our goal is to make it easy to do things with your dog, so that you CAN and WILL do more things with your dog (which makes life better for them, too)!

Besides getting to do more with their family, what does your dog get out of all this? A more balanced and productive life with happier owners!! Half of our job is training the dogs, the other half is coaching and teaching you, the owners, so that you can become confident and skilled handlers for your dogs. Are you unsure that our training approach will be a good fit for you in handling your pup’s issues? Not to worry! We offer free evaluations, unlimited lifetime follow-ups, and a money back guarantee…what do you have to lose?

Our Charlotte Dog Training Services Cover the Following Areas:

Charlotte, NC