A dog’s most influential part of their life is while they are a puppy, and it is crucial to set them up for success for the rest of their lives.

You could be thinking about adding a new adorable fluffy family member to your home, or you may have already gotten a puppy. Either way, the transition of having a new baby in the house can be fun, but stressful too. Questions you might be asking yourself are; if you and your family are ready for this new responsibility or how to choose the right puppy for you and your family. You may have owned a past dog that needed more management than the typical pup, and you want to make sure that this time around you can get that fun-loving, happy, friendly pup.

There are so many rewards to raising a puppy! Getting to those rewards though can be a journey and not always the fun running through a field of flowers with rainbows kind, but the type of journey you make running through the house chasing your pup because he is in the process of eating your sandwich you left on the coffee table and you just notice your sock is randomly wet kind. Let’s just leave it at raising your adorable bundle of joy can be a little messy at times, sometimes a little painful, and overall…stressful occasionally. We can help stop those bad habits before they even become a real issue. There are many instances where an adult dog could have been prevented from having major behavioral problems if they had been handled with care when that dog had been a puppy. The experiences of a newborn puppy to the age of a year can last a lifetime!

We can help teach you and your puppy how to socialize and engage with appropriately; other dogs, people, and their surroundings. We also cover safety, health, fun puppy interactive games, and general obedience commands.