Similar to other types of aggression, it is very important to understand that the root of this type aggression is fear (not hate). Many dogs that are aggressive toward children have had very little exposure to children in their life. In our baby prep book, we show moms and dads a photo of a weird animal that very few people have seen before. Then we ask them, what would you do if this animal suddenly appeared to live in your home? Would you be nervous? What if it walked right up to your face and touched you? When you have been living in this world for a number of years, and developed a sense of “normalcy”, and this happens for dogs too. So when something they do not understand is suddenly placed into their life that looks different, acts different, and sounds different it seems odd, out of place, and makes them nervous. When many dogs get nervous, they revert to aggression if their nervous signals are ignored. Other scenarios that contribute to this behavior are a dog may have bad associations of children that could stem from something as simple as children not respecting and recognizing their uncomfortable signals and need for space by touching and hugging way too soon. This is hard for some humans to understand why a dog would bite a child that was just trying to pet them, until we show them the scary weird looking animal and ask them what they would do if it tried to touch their face? Typically these type dogs warned many times that they were uncomfortable, but adults and kids consistently ignored the signals, so the dog resorted to aggressive actions and over time go straight to aggression, because why give a signal that everyone ignores. Another scenario is a dog that has an identifiable incident/s that resulted in a bad association with children like stepping on his tail accidentally numerous times or abuse on purpose by ignorant children, the dog will associate this with all children instead of specific ones.