The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there). And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our dog wizard hat on.

Laura S. AvatarLaura S.

Phil was an excellent trainer and worked very well with our hyper (large) lab puppy. Our dog (and cat) were always happy to see him! It was amazing how much he could accomplish in each session and he coached my husband and me to maintain his teachings so we could make progress each week. Highly recommend Dog Wizard, and especially Phil! - 11/22/2021 

Michael D. AvatarMichael D.

- 11/22/2021 

Elaine W. AvatarElaine W.

We can't say enough positive things about Dog Wizard! From the first contact all the way to the return from board and train "train the owner" -a frist class experience. Our sheepadoodle returned to us so happy and so confident and willing to follow our commands. I know as we do better he will continue to improve. Our trainer, Kat, was indeed a wizard and full of great tips as she trained us as well. Our sheepie clearly adored her as he cried when she left. You won't be disappointed! - 11/18/2021 

Reginald M. AvatarReginald M.

- 11/09/2021 

Courtney M. AvatarCourtney M.

I had a very leash aggressive dog that was miserable to walk. He would lunge and growl at every dog we walked by. We worked with Cameron as our trainer! He was amazing and knew exactly what to do. We can now comfortably walk our dog without fear that he will go crazy. Our 5 year old can even walk him. Our dog is so much more responsive to our commands. This team is amazing! - 9/25/2021 

Kimberly S. AvatarKimberly S.

We worked with our 1 year old yellow lab and trainer James and had unbelievable results. Our crazy, energetic puppy now walks calmly on a loose leash, holds place, and comes on command. It was such a pleasure to work with James. He truly changed our dog!! - 9/19/2021 

George K. AvatarGeorge K.

Cameron was extremely patient, knowledgeable and professional. He helped to get our dog under better control making everyone’s life more pleasant - including our dog. - 9/11/2021 

Alison C. AvatarAlison C.

My husband and I have known Justin for years, so when we rescued a 5 year-old Springer Spaniel with an unknown background, we called Atlanta Dog Wizard. Our dog is very sweet, but had been largely ignored by humans in his prior life: no one had ever taught him any basic commands and after months of work we'd had no luck even getting him to sit.ADW sent Rob to come train our pup and he was AMAZING. He came to our home, which helped minimize distractions and maximize comfort for our pup. He bonded with our dog immediately and was so kind and patient. During the very first session, through extraordinary patience and use of a gentle snoot loop, Rob got our dog to sit. It took almost the whole session, but Rob never gave up on him. Now, doggo can "sit," "lie down," "stay," and "come" with the best of them.Not only was Rob a pleasure to be around -- we looked forward to his visits, even early on Saturday mornings ;-) -- but he genuinely saw the best in our dog and helped him to grow into a more confident, relaxed pooch. Rob clearly loves dogs and loves his job. The fact that he only used praise, treats, and positive reinforcement made our doggo love Rob right back. Highly recommend Atlanta Dog Wizard to anyone looking for a great experience! - 8/22/2021 

Elizabeth B. AvatarElizabeth B.

Our 6 month old mini bernedoodle puppy participated in the Dog Wizard Atlanta boarding program. He trained and boarded with Kat Karlish. I can not express our gratitude for the excellent care and professionalism that she exhibited. Our dog Bartram returned home a well-behaved puppy who has incredible manners and behavior that will enable him to participate in any situation that we will enjoy as a family.Thank you!Betty Balentine - 7/30/2021 

Dan R. AvatarDan R.

We had a great experience with James as our trainer. James came to our home and worked with us and our puppy to customize our training to fit our household needs and concerns. Our dog loves him and James taught us how to utilize their methods to improve our puppy's behavior and our family's daily enjoyment of our puppy. James was willing to work with our schedule and was very responsive to our texts and questions. Not only did our puppy bond with James but we bonded with James over just a couple training sessions. He really knows how to work with dogs and families in their environment. - 7/19/2021 

Brittany R. AvatarBrittany R.

Rob at Atlanta Dog Wizard worked absolute magic with my four-year-old Australian Shepherd, Cara. She was extremely anxious and did not accept new people, whether she was meeting them inside or outside my apartment. There was a running joke amongst my friends that she had a "three-date rule", meaning she wouldn't let you touch her or come into my place unless she met you three times prior.With Rob, Cara is a brand new dog! I'm able to have company come over, go sit outside a busy restaurant/coffee shop and walk on the BeltLine without her becoming too overwhelmed.I'm forever grateful for Rob and can't recommend Atlanta Dog Wizard enough!! - 7/16/2021 

Liz S. AvatarLiz S.

We were lucky enough to work with Rob over the last 5 weeks with our chocolate lab puppy and we are SO grateful! Day and night difference with leash walking, with our basic commands (sit, come, place, stay) and with being able to successfully calm down all her puppy energy. Rob is the most patient ever (help me be more like you, Rob!!) and his love for dogs is so evident. He even helped me with some questions on my other dog which was so appreciated. Highly recommend The Atlanta Dog Wizard…especially Rob! - 7/16/2021 

Matt C. AvatarMatt C.

I adopted a 1-year lab/husky that was very hard to walk, played aggressively, and uncontrollable when other people came to the house. She places, comes on command, plays appropriately, easier to walk, and a changed dog almost overnight. Anthony was very patient with me, I am a first-time dog owner. - 7/07/2021 

Alan S. AvatarAlan S.

I can’t say enough about the Atlanta dog wizard and our trainer Kat. Our eight month old cockapoo attended the 2 week board and train with Kat. The transformation was absolutely amazing. He is so well behaved yet retained his clown like personality. We spent several months interviewing numerous trainers in the Atlanta area and no doubt, we ended up with the best of the best!!! We take our Charlie with us everywhere we go and people constantly stop us, amazed at how well he behaves around other dogs, strangers, “on place” while dining, or heeling as we walk. And the best part is … Charlie loved the 2 weeks with his new “aunt Kat”! Thank you Atalanta Dog Wizard!!!! - 7/05/2021 

Lanier B. AvatarLanier B.

Phil was a great with our Minnie Aussie Elliott who is a year old. Elliott enjoyed working with him and learned a great deal. Phil was also reliable and showed up on time and when he said he would. He also helped with all of Elliott's commands and Elliott is responding much better on commands. Phil helped us with direct training that we were able to move forward with on our own once the training was complete.Thanks Phil ! - 7/01/2021 

Monica B. AvatarMonica B.

We had the best experience with James. Our Labradoodle Jojo looove seeing him and enjoyed the classes. They really care about your dog and your needs. After the classes, we joined the group for a Saturday walk with the pack and it was awesome. - 6/12/2021 

Taylor O. AvatarTaylor O.

The Dog Wizard recommended I do the eight week Freedom Program for my one year old goldendoodle Ollie. It was one of the best investment I could have made for both myself and my dog. Cameron was patient, knowledgeable, and flexible with his approach to training. Since Ollie has finished his training, numerous family members have commented on how his behavior and listening skills have improved as a result of his training. - 6/01/2021 

Nancy T. AvatarNancy T.

My 2-year old lab and I have been working with Phil for the past few month's, mainly focused on my dog's leash reactivity though we learned a ton of other skills during our 8 weeks of work. I found Phil to be incredibly patient, insightful, helpful, and very nice to talk to. My dog also adores him. My dog has come so very far and is (mostly) a joy to walk now where walking him was a true chore previously. I highly recommend Atlanta Dog Wizard, specifically, Phil for anyone who needs some training assistance. My dog and I will continue to do our training now that the 8 weeks are over, but I know that I'll be able to reach out if any questions or concerns come up. Really wonderful experience! - 5/27/2021 

Kelly V. AvatarKelly V.

I hired James to help me communicate more effectively with my new puppy. He helped me and Coco learn commands and trust. Coco loved the activity and attention she received during all our sessions and is doing great outside of training when we work on focus and walking without pulling and she is starting to come even when experiencing freedom. So happy we did this!! - 5/26/2021 

Adam W. AvatarAdam W.

Phil is a great trainer. It was obvious that my dog enjoyed working with him during the freedom program. Our dog has gotten significantly more responsive to commands. She no longer pulls on the leash and does not react to other dogs or people in high stimulus environments.Phil was always willing to do a refresher when necessary and is super responsive. I cannot recommend the Atlanta Dog Wizard enough. - 5/19/2021