The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there). And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our dog wizard hat on.

Katie C. AvatarKatie C.

We had such a great experience with Atlanta Dog Wizard! James is the absolute best and easily won the heart of our somewhat-skeptical-pup, Millie. We learned so much and feel so equipped to be successful dog parents. Best of all, we had a blast along the way. A big thanks to Dog Wizard and James! We're so grateful! - 6/23/2022 

Emily J. AvatarEmily J.

Outstanding! Each trainer and the owner who we communicated and worked with were very engaged, actively listening to us (humans and our doggy). During our dog's 2 week stay and train with Anthony, he made sure to send us pictures and videos of her progress. He brought her back and trained US for 1.5 hours in and out of the house. She truly is a different dog. She still has her quirks, which we expected, with her breed of Belgian Mal! Anthony happened to video my 11 month old daughter standing up on her own while he was here too :) A special moment. He has checked in with us after, and invited Kimber to Saturday group training walks at the river. We feel this experience was a good investment for our pup and for the humans! - 5/27/2022 

Ashley S. AvatarAshley S.

We were fortunate to have Phil as our puppy trainer the past couple weeks, and we have seen SO much progress. We did the at home private lessons and it worked out perfectly. Each week we were given “homework” to do in prep for the next session and it gave us something fun to work on everyday. He helped us really understand how the mind of a puppy works and our Remi is such a well behaved pup now! The sessions were super productive and also fun for the puppy. I will definitely be looking into the adult courses and recommend using them for any of your dog training needs. - 5/26/2022 

Beth H. AvatarBeth H.

Phil is an amazing trainer. He was patient while training me, my husband, and our 8-month old Bernedoodle. The difference in Charli’s behavior between week one and eight is nothing short of amazing. I would certainly recommend this program – ask for Phil. - 5/26/2022 

Micah S. AvatarMicah S.

Robin at The Dog Wizard is awesome. With just 2 weeks she had my deeply sensitive and leash-pulling 3-year old rescue Pyrenees walking on a relaxed leash behind my toes and much more attentive and happy as a result! Would recommend for any dog at any age/confidence level! - 5/23/2022 

Judson E. AvatarJudson E.

I am thrilled with my experience with Dog Wizards. We were very fortunate to have Robin as Monroe and Merlin's trainer. She is tremendous! From the initial contact until she brought the pups home, Robin was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, courteous and caring. It was difficult to send the boys away for two weeks, but she made it bearable by sending lots of updates and texts of their training and progress. her videos are very instructional, as she explains what she is doing in real time. Furthermore, there was a check in phone call after a week to see if we had any questions or concerns about the boys. When the boys came home she spent some time with us to show us the proper techniques when walking outside and commands around the house. I can't say enough good things about Robin and the experience we had. I will definitely be reaching out to her as she encouraged us to do whenever we have questions or to show our progress. I would 100% recommend to anyone who needs some help with their dogs behavior. - 5/20/2022 

maria m. Avatarmaria m.

Justin and his team are amazing. My energetic Polo was on the boarding program with Justin and I can’t be more pleased with the strong foundation and results. I received multiple updates while Polo was training and clear instructions on how to continue the training journey. Now, we enjoy the dog group walks where Justin and many of the trainers provide guidance and support. All very knowledgeable and kind. I’m extremely thankful. The best decision and investment! - 5/15/2022 

Grace J. AvatarGrace J.

- 5/13/2022 

Carolina R. AvatarCarolina R.

Robin is an actual dog wizard. She was worth every penny and more. There are no words to describe the transformation of my pup before and after working with her. I highly recommend her service to anyone. Thank you Robin! - 5/06/2022 

m e. Avatarm e.

My experience with Atlanta Dog Wizard was more than wonderful mainly due to Robin (Trainer) she was such a great trainer. My 60lb 8-month old puppy Mysteria was a handful. She had gotten to the point that I could not take her outside during the day take her to her doctor's appointments, have family and friends visit or even do simple commands. Mysteria was so out of control I felt really so bad for her. After working with Robin (Trainer) she was able to do all those things and more. I told Robin (Trainer) that I felt like it was a miracle LOL.After her two week training with Robins endless knowledge, patience, and compassion She has changed her quality of living as well as mine. I could have not ask for a better trainer if I tried. Thank you Atlanta Dog Wizard for a great experience. - 5/06/2022 

Chance M. AvatarChance M.

Amazing results. Our 5-yo (rescue) pug, Leia, is very protective of me and our home, to the detriment of friends and family. Robin from Atlanta Dog Wizard did an absolutely amazing transformation of Leia. We did the two week stay and the results have been beyond my expectations. Great communication every day, and progress videos were provided nearly every day as well. This immersive training (in the trainer’s home environment) was so effective. As important, Robin has given my wife and me the tools we need to be successful with Leia in our home. I could not be more pleased with Robin as well as with the entire Atlanta Dog Wizard family. Thank you! - 4/24/2022 

Ellie C. AvatarEllie C.

Atlanta Dog Wizard and (Phil specifically) were beyond helpful! I was at the end of my rope and frustrated with my dogs behavior. She was constantly pulling, lunging and showing aggression towards dogs and people. I had accepted that's how it might be with her. After working with Phil, I felt like I had the tools to keep her under control and now we are both much happier! Months later, I still am using the training techniques when new visitors come to my home and whenever we go on walks. I highly recommend working with their trainers. Thank you Phil!! - 4/21/2022 

payton m. Avatarpayton m.

5 stars for a reason!!!! Robin did an outstanding job with your 1.5 year old husky Koda!Our pup was quite stubborn & had horrible leash pulling to the point I couldn’t even walk him on my own! He was disobedient & was showing signs of aggression to other dogs as well.Once Koda spent 2 weeks with Robin he came back a brand new dog with a total change of behavior mechanisms! Robin constantly updated us with photos, videos & detailed updates on our pups progress. She took him all around Atlanta & made sure he was constantly on the go with her. Now that Koda is back life is so much better. He no longer pulls, places in his bed when told, sit, stays, & walks along side me when going on walks!I couldn’t have imagined life without the DogWizard & Robin! She is the BEST!! - 4/18/2022 

Megan L. AvatarMegan L.

LONG POST ALERT - did the two week board and train with Robin! Here’s our story:so my husband and I have an almost 3 year old goldendoodle.Goldendoodles are supposed to be the sweetest, gentlest, smartest pups ever right?? Well yes and no. Our pup, Axle, was great at home but struggled in public places. He would lunge and bark at other dogs especially on leash. He’s friendly off leash when he has the freedom to greet but his listening to commands went right out the window. He also struggled to listen when someone walked in the house or animals were on TV, etc.We really wanted to take him to coffee shops, breweries, outdoor dining, bark in the park etc but it was terrifying and embarrassing to take him and have him randomly be set off when another dog walked by. And to be honest it felt impossible to correct because it was never consistent behavior.After yet another embarrassing outburst where Axle uncontrollably is barking, lunging, pulling at another dog on leash, I decided to do my research on board and train programs.I wanted a company that I felt wasn’t too commercial and would really care for my pup, but also had the skills needed to fix this behavior. We decided to on Atlanta Dog Wizards and Axle was scheduled a few weeks later for his two weeks of training camp!We had Robin as our trainer and I can’t say enough great things about her. I was so worried because Axle is so bonded to me and can be very anxious/nervous when with new people. I had separation anxiety from him too! Robin did an amazing job updating me every single day. I have probably 30 photos and videos from his progress. I really got to see his behavior improve over the 2 weeks which made me feel so much better about the choice to do the board and train.After 2 weeks, Axle has dramatically improved his listening behavior when distracted. See the German Shepard in the photo? Axle would NEVER have been calm, quiet, and well manner for the entire dinner we had outside. Also, normally he is terrified of German Shepards (no clue why) and he’s just blissfully enjoying his time out and about.Worried about your dog being “different” or forgetting about you? I promise you I’ve thought about it. Axle is the same exact dog he was when he left my house but just an extremely good listener now.If you can afford the board and train do it. Let the professionals (AKA- super star Robin) work with your dog. Those two weeks allowed my family to continue our lives normally while Axle got the really in depth training he needed so that when he came home I just follow the rules and maintain his progress.Here’s the things that went through my mind that I can say are completely disproven after I did this training.1. My dogs too old. He’s 3, it’s too late. (I was completely wrong about this!)2. Two weeks isn’t enough time to fix all the issues (for us, it was perfect. Your trainer can help you understand if your dog needs more or less)3. My dog wont be the same when he comes home. (It’s not military bootcamp, they get just as much love and attention as they will at your home. I have the photos/videos to prove it)4. It’s not worth the money. (It is 100% I wish I did it 2 years ago. It’s also your responsibility to make sure you can control your pup. Plus they love working commands!)Pull the trigger, plan a vacation and let your pup do the training or try some classes if your a skeptic. It’s worth it - I just can’t say enough good things about this company or our trainer robin! - 4/05/2022 

Caleb N. AvatarCaleb N.

Phil was awesome. Our dog Zoey had issues pulling on the leash on walks and getting a little too excited when people would be at the door. After 8 at-home sessions with Phil, her impulse control is soooo much better. On walks now she's just right on my hip the whole time, it's awesome. And to top it off, we had personal issues arise and force us to reschedule on multiple occasions and they couldn't have been more gracious about it. Rescheduled each training with no issue. Truly a wonderful experience. Thanks again, Phil! - 4/01/2022 

Nick D. AvatarNick D.

We did a 2-week Board & Train with Kat for our high energy, very large, super precious golden retriever and when I say it was life changing… it was LIFE CHANGING. Maddux is still doing so well and has learned to channel his high intensity / energy into “work” and it has made for a very happy dog and an even happier set of dog parents. It has even lessened his anxiety. I cannot recommend Kat enough! She is incredibly talented and simply a pleasure (and she loves her charges with a passion!) - 4/01/2022 

Danielle G. AvatarDanielle G.

Justin was amazing! My dog had leash aggression and by the end he was walking next to me without a leash! - 3/29/2022 

Whitney W. AvatarWhitney W.

The Atlanta Dog Wizard completely changed my experience as a dog owner. At 8 months old, my Labrador had developed horrible walking habits, for which I take full accountability. I found the Atlanta Dog Wizard on a google search and was impressed by all the amazing reviews. I ended up choosing the 2 week board and train program and I am beyond thrilled with the results. Justin was incredible and communicative throughout the entire process and I knew my puppy was in great hands. When he returned to me, he was walking down the beltline like a dream! I highly recommend this program and would urge you to look no further for your dog training needs! - 3/27/2022 

Hannah W. AvatarHannah W.

My 8 month golden was a super anxious girl with some of those lingering puppy behaviors, and Robin did a great job helping her become more confident and working on some other problem behaviors. She returned home very well-behaved and able to do more things we couldn't do before with her new confidence. I loved receiving updates and pictures/videos from Robin throughout her board & train. Definitely recommend this place if you need training for your pup! - 3/23/2022 

Nichole A. AvatarNichole A.

Rob and the team at the Dog Wizard were wonderful! I used their services for basic training with the goal of my dog being able achieve off leash obedience. The program worked wonders and my dog is so much better behaved. Also the flexibility of their team coming to my house was very convenient. And Rob was great, so good and patient with dogs, and gave tailored feedback to address my dog’s specific needs and my lifestyle. Would highly recommend! - 2/22/2022