The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there). And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our dog wizard hat on.

Monica B. AvatarMonica B.

We had the best experience with James. Our Labradoodle Jojo looove seeing him and enjoyed the classes. They really care about your dog and your needs. After the classes, we joined the group for a Saturday walk with the pack and it was awesome. - 6/12/2021 

Taylor O. AvatarTaylor O.

The Dog Wizard recommended I do the eight week Freedom Program for my one year old goldendoodle Ollie. It was one of the best investment I could have made for both myself and my dog. Cameron was patient, knowledgeable, and flexible with his approach to training. Since Ollie has finished his training, numerous family members have commented on how his behavior and listening skills have improved as a result of his training. - 6/01/2021 

Nancy T. AvatarNancy T.

My 2-year old lab and I have been working with Phil for the past few month's, mainly focused on my dog's leash reactivity though we learned a ton of other skills during our 8 weeks of work. I found Phil to be incredibly patient, insightful, helpful, and very nice to talk to. My dog also adores him. My dog has come so very far and is (mostly) a joy to walk now where walking him was a true chore previously. I highly recommend Atlanta Dog Wizard, specifically, Phil for anyone who needs some training assistance. My dog and I will continue to do our training now that the 8 weeks are over, but I know that I'll be able to reach out if any questions or concerns come up. Really wonderful experience! - 5/27/2021 

Kelly V. AvatarKelly V.

I hired James to help me communicate more effectively with my new puppy. He helped me and Coco learn commands and trust. Coco loved the activity and attention she received during all our sessions and is doing great outside of training when we work on focus and walking without pulling and she is starting to come even when experiencing freedom. So happy we did this!! - 5/26/2021 

Adam W. AvatarAdam W.

Phil is a great trainer. It was obvious that my dog enjoyed working with him during the freedom program. Our dog has gotten significantly more responsive to commands. She no longer pulls on the leash and does not react to other dogs or people in high stimulus environments.Phil was always willing to do a refresher when necessary and is super responsive. I cannot recommend the Atlanta Dog Wizard enough. - 5/19/2021 

Mackenzie E. AvatarMackenzie E.

James was awesome! From the first class, he really bonded with our dog, Toby! We did the private puppy training classes and would highly recommend it to anyone. We loved how he not only taught our dog to be well-behaved, but he also taught us how to train our dog! We are looking forward to taking him to other classes/puppy play sessions at Atlanta Dog Wizard! - 5/14/2021 

Pam L. AvatarPam L.

I just got my little Mini Goldendoodle home today, and I’m so thankful I waited patiently on the long waitlist for Kat with Atlanta Dog Wizard! She’s amazing and very thorough! During the pandemic when my dog was a puppy, training was difficult to say the least.Kat spent a couple of hours going over all of the commands and how to use the e collar, so that I felt comfortable. She was so helpful and informative, answering all my questions. I highly recommend Atlanta Dog Wizard! - 4/30/2021 

Keisha H. AvatarKeisha H.

- 4/18/2021 

Jillian N. AvatarJillian N.

We had the opportunity to work with Rob and it was an incredible experience! Our dog Loki often controlled our walks with her Hulk strength and determination to interact with as many other dogs, birds, squirrels, and humans as possible. We started working with Rob and it was an almost immediate transformation! The training strategies used by the Dog Wizard made walking and other every day activities safer and more enjoyable for both Loki and ourselves. Rob was also extremely kind, patient, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable! - 3/26/2021 

Ethan L. AvatarEthan L.

Back in November, our family adopted a 9-month-old dog who had not been in a structured environment before coming home with us. He’s the sweetest thing, but at first we were unsure if he’d be the right fit for our family given his obedience level. Long story short: we were in over our heads.Enter Atlanta Dog Wizard; particularly Anthony Todaro. I remember feeling so discouraged at the start of our first lesson, but Anthony was patient and consistent with our pup and reassured us that we could make significant progress with their training program. Spoiler: he was right. It’s been 2 months since our first lesson and in that time, Anthony was able to completely transform our dog’s behavior.We have truly witnessed a night-and-day turnaround in our dog with Anthony’s help. I highly recommend him and Atlanta Dog Wizard for anyone whose pup needs training. - 3/15/2021 

Katherine B. AvatarKatherine B.

This is our second experience with ADW . Our first rescue unfortunately couldn’t be saved after a very traumatic life but Anthony with ADW tried everything he could for months to try and address her aggressive behavior and bring her joy . When that failed and we had to part ways with our dog, ADW refunded us our money and sent flowers . When we decided to adopt again, we knew we would ADW from the get go ! Kat at ADW took our very sweet but very rambunctious lab rescue and worked miracles . Their service is excellent and you will not find a better dog training company in Atlanta . Highly recommend! - 3/14/2021 

shunkeytia n. Avatarshunkeytia n.

Both times they worked on my car it was done in a timely manner and my car was fixed..all for a reasonable price.. - 3/11/2021 

Andrew L. AvatarAndrew L.

We had a great experience with our trainer Rob.A puppy is always challenging - Rob was extremely patient with Abby and us!Rob was very knowledgeable and answered lots of questions for usHe was available by text between lessons which I really appreciatedWe look forward to additional training for AbbyI would highly recommend Atlanta Dog Wizard and RobPat Leipold - 3/10/2021 

Jamie B. AvatarJamie B.

We worked with Anthony on the 8-week training program for our rescue dog, Monty. The main reason we reached out to ADW was because of Monty having unpredictable behaviors around other dogs and occasionally showing aggression to dominate situations. In addition to teaching obedience skills (dog walking is now a complete pleasure), Anthony was able to help us understand Monty's behaviors and how to control situations that may trigger him. We feel much more confident with Monty around other dogs and have taken our bond with him to a new high. Anthony was a pleasure to work with, and we highly recommend ADW. - 3/06/2021 

Moss K. AvatarMoss K.

If you are reading this and you're on the fence - stop hesitating and sign up! My 1.5-year-old rescue Cattle Dog, Uma, was a VERY difficult dog. Her siblings were all put down by the shelter because they were deemed "bite risks" and "untrainable." Luckily, she is a sweet pup, but she was also a NIGHTMARE to walk. My right arm constantly hurt because she pulled so hard. I called Atlanta Dog Wizard and opted for in-home training with Anthony. He was absolutely amazing. He was patient, consistent, clear in his directions, incredibly kind to my dog, and flexible with my strange work from home schedule. Uma absolutely adored him (literally, she cried when he left). Anthony really listened and went over all my goals with me - heel, you're through, place, recall, stop jumping up on people, etc. He taught me how to communicate clearly with my dog. I can now reliably "loose leash" walk her. I can tell her to "place" in a busy park, and she will go where I point and stay there until I say "you're through." This training has seriously changed my life. It is 100% worth it. And Anthony was fantastic. - 2/12/2021 

Ben N. AvatarBen N.

Our 1-year old Boston Terrier spent two weeks with Kat and came home a transformed dog. We invested time upfront in crate/potty training but were struggling with leash walking, controlling jumping and selective listening when called. We are just amazed at how she taught her to choose new behaviors and she explained things so clearly that we have had no problem picking up where she left off once she brought her home. We are so grateful and look forward to occasional class to reinforce good behavior. We also know she took amazing care of our dog, who certainly had fun with the others in the program! Thanks Kat for being such a great teacher and to Justin for being so easy to work with on determining our goals and scheduling. We had looked at other services but would recommend 100% after our experience! - 1/26/2021 

Shannon R. AvatarShannon R.

- 12/09/2020 

Melissa M. AvatarMelissa M.

I had such a great experience with the Dog Wizard Atlanta! It started at the evaluation and up until drop off! I was moving to Atlanta and thought it would be a good time to get some additional training for my 2 year old french bulldog Stella. She didn't have any major behavioral issues, but definitely had her own mind about when she wanted to listen to my commands. I opted in for the two week train and board with Kat, who is the unofficial bulldog trainer. It was comforting to hear during the evaluation that Stella's stubbornness was not unique to her and Kat has had success with very similar dogs and mentalities.Throughout the two weeks, Kat was great about providing updates with videos and photos on progress. Upon arrival back at home, Stella was still her funny, silly self but she was also was so much better at listening! I have never her seen sit and stay in the same place for more than 2 seconds. She had place down and I was able to eat dinner without her begging.Kat also was so great about teaching me and making sure I was comfortable to continue her training at home. She clearly loved Stella and Stella loved her. I couldn't recommend them more! - 10/09/2020 

Lauren S. AvatarLauren S.

I highly recommend Justin and his team (if I could give more stars I would). I sent my 9 month old golden retriever puppy, Finnigan, to the board and train program with Justin. This was my first time ever being apart from Finn for a long period of time and Justin made me feel completely comfortable, he sent pics and called with updates daily. When Finn was returned home, he was like a new dog (but still had his silly personality). Before training, Finn was VERY hardheaded, and had trouble controlling his energy when he was excited (ie jumping on guests, pulling on leash, lunging to play with other dogs on walks). I live on the Beltline and wanted to be able to enjoy taking my dog on walks, which was basically impossible until Justin. After the board and train program Finn had made a complete transformation and is now enjoyable to take out on the Beltline. Justin was able to fix leash pulling, barking and jumping, lunging at other dogs, and taught Finn the "place" command. Most importantly, Justin taught ME how to be a better dog parent and redirect Finn's excited energy. I can't say enough good things about the Dog Wizard, this company and Justin have changed mine and Finn's life. It has been three weeks since our training and Justin is still just as responsive whenever I ask questions, which shows his dedication to Finns good behavior beyond the two week program. - 10/09/2020 

Deva S. AvatarDeva S.

We worked with Anthony for 8 weeks to train our dog Abby! He helped us to completely transform Abby. He’s very very responsive and attentive to the surroundings when he trained our dog. Within the first couple of week our dog was responsive to leash training. He was on time and accommodating when we were travelling one weekend. By the end of the 8 weeks we were happy to take Abby out for walks without having to worry about her pulling the leash. Recommend them if you want to get a friendly and absolutely effective trainer! Thanks Anthony! - 9/09/2020