Board and train programs are like summer camp, not boot camp. Your dog will spend 14 days living in the home of one of our trainers where they will be treated like a member of the family. Your dog will be learning all the basic obedience commands (Come, Sit, Place, Heel, Down, and Off), life skills, and most importantly how to relax. We will prove those skills in every possible environment. Your dog will have tons of fun going out to the parks, shopping centers, and being engaged in activities that allow success, encouragement and positive outlet for better behavior. We will spend time working through any issues that are unique to your dog. Your trainer will send you picture and video updates of your dog’s progress and also of any adorableness that will definitely occur while your pup is in our care.

Training you is just as important as training your dog. When we bring your dog home, we will teach you all the new and improved skills they have learned. We will demonstrate how you can apply those skills to solve any issues you may have been having and to make the most of your relationship with your dog.  We will ensure that you and your family members have the same level of success that we have achieved with your dog and we’ll teach you how to be consistent so that the success will continue. Training is a lifetime commitment and we are committed to our clients with lifetime support through our Support Group for Graduates.

Jumpstart 14

  • Dog Stays with us for fourteen days
  • On Leash Skills
  • Lessons held at your home
  • Leash
  • Food Pouch
  • 14 Day board and train
  • Take Home Lesson
  • Follow Up Lesson
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • Support Class every week for the life of your dog pending graduation
What we Teach
  • On Leash Skills
    • Loose Leash Walking
    • Sit
    • Place
    • Down
    • Come
  • How to work through distractions
  • Intimate knowledge of your dogs specific needs
  • Address minor to moderate behavioral problems
Perfect for
  • Anyone who can not make group class or private lessons fit their schedule
  • Anyone that does not have time to practice between sessions
  • Any dog with mild to moderate behavioral problems

Continue your dog’s training success for the LIFE OF YOUR DOG with Support Class