The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there). And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our dog wizard hat on.

Anne P. AvatarAnne P.

My husband and I got Maggie, a puppy, during the pandemic. Unfortunately, she did not have much socialization. This resulted in her being timid with strangers and terrified of other dogs, especially large ones. If we encountered dogs any on our walks, she would let out a screech like she being tortured, she would stand up on her back-legs and lung at them. When no other dogs were present, she would pull me all over the place, was all I could do to hang on to her leash. Several times she pull ed me down. She had also started bullying our other dog by growling and snarling at him if he tried to come near me. We heard about Scott, the Asheville Dog Wizard, through a friend and we decided to hire him. We got the board and train program. The first night Scott sent us photos of Maggie calmly sitting on her “place” with a large dog right next to her. It was a miracle, I could not believe my eyes. I cried tears of joy! Scott sent us photos of Maggie regularly. The progress was amazing. She was running around and playing with all his other dogs. She looked so happy. He also took her to the dog park several times. When she came home she was heeling on the leash. This has made such a difference in my life and hers, I can take her any where now. She also learned sit, stay, down and come, but mostly she learned calm and confidence. (She no longer bullies our other dog.) - 10/29/2022 

Jordan H. AvatarJordan H.

Scott is a miracle worker! We adopted our 55lb mutt at the beginning of the pandemic and quickly realized we could not handle his pre-adoption baggage on our own. Scott was our fourth trainer in six months and we desperately needed his methods to work. Chopper came home from Scott’s two-week board and train calmer, far more obedient, and more confident around other dogs and humans. We don’t think Chopper had really walked on a leash before we adopted him - Scott’s K9 Lifeline Transitional Leader gave us the control we needed to make walks safe and enjoyable for us and Chopper. Since board and train two years ago, we continue to take Chopper to Scott’s free weekly group class for graduates to keep up his skills. He has become the best boy and we are so grateful to Scott for getting us here. We also just got Chopper back from two weeks of regular long-term boarding on Scott’s farm in Asheville while we were on vacation. Chopper had a great time hanging out with the pack and playing in Scott’s large fenced backyard. Scott sent pictures and videos every few days to keep us updated and gave us a detailed verbal report card at drop off. We strongly recommend Scott to any dog owner, but especially to owners needing to address tough behavioral challenges. Scott will help you through anything! - 10/26/2022 

Jake C. AvatarJake C.

Scott took great care of my dog Jimmy, with individualized training specific to him. Thank you - 9/13/2022 

Sara G. AvatarSara G.

Scott was really accommodating and awesome with our dog Arthur in his 2 week board and train. Arthur has learned a bunch of new skills and is much more comfortable walking calmly on a leash and interacting with other dogs. We look forward to starting the weekly meet ups to keep Arthur on track. I would recommend the dog wizard to anyone looking to work through training issues with their pup! - 9/04/2022 

Katie L. AvatarKatie L.

I have nothing but good things to say about Scott and the Dog Wizard team! I sent my cockapoo Max to board and train when he was a puppy to help with obedience, leash walking and socialization. Max came home a completely different dog (in the best way) and I knew that I had done the right thing investing in his training with Scott.Fast forward 2 years and after a couple of attacks at the dog park Max was having some trouble with confidence. He would walk behind me on the leash and was fearful of other dogs and did not enjoy the dog park like he used to. I reached out to Scott and he offered to take Max from DC down to Asheville for 2 weeks. Max had an absolute blast at the farm and is now doing SO much better, will come when called and I feel confident taking him to dog parks knowing he will enjoy it.Scott’s training methods are so effective and I really like the emphasis that he places on socialization in addition to general obedience. After completing board and train you are also able to attend free group classes for life, which is a great way to keep things sharp and to socialize with other trained and balanced dogs. I’m really glad that I have invested in training my dog with Scott! - 8/15/2022 

Olivia R. AvatarOlivia R.

I recently sent my mini golden doodle puppy to Scott for the 2 week board and train. I tried to train Koa myself since he was 8 weeks old. I had no idea what I was doing. He would bark incessantly and had bad separation anxiety. I could not even leave him with my family for one night because he would cry the whole time. Koa had such a great time at training. Scott is amazing with the dogs and teaching me how to use each command as tools to help Koa become more confident. I have sent dogs to trainers in the past but Scott was by far the most helpful. He also sent many pictures and updates during the process. Koa is now learning how to become more calm and secure. There is already a huge difference! I left him with my family for a night and there were no problems. He walks beautifully on the leash both around the neighborhood and in town. We are still trying to master everything but I’m confident with Scott’s guidance Koa will become his best little self. Highly recommend and definitely worth every penny. - 7/25/2022 

Mitchell S. AvatarMitchell S.

Scott- I dunno if you’ll remember these two or not but you trained them as part of your last group in silver spring before you moved down to Asheville. Hope things are great down there for you! My dogs are Luna and Griffin. Unfortunately, Luna died in December and that has been terrible for us, but Griffin is great as ever. I wanted to send you this message because my family took a boating trip to lake Cumberland over the 4th and my grandpa and step grandma watched griffin for us because it wasn’t plausible for him to go on that particular boating trip. And my step grandma said she walked griffin every day (even though they have a big yard and rarely walk their own lab) and that griffin is the best dog she ever walked on a leash! He is great on the leash these days. Not absolutely perfect but he’s really good and we take long enjoyable walks. I told her that that was extremely high praise and that you told me you thought he’d never be able to walk on the leash at first when you guys took him but that he had come around to it. And then we have kept it up and practiced and he’s gotten really good. So anyway, I just wanted to tell you thanks and give that bit of praise which I was glad to hear and it’s due to the fundamentals you got into him during that time you guys had him. It’s made our lives so much better. Griffin is pretty much the ‘person’ I spend most of my time with haha. So it’s pretty important to me that we get along well when the leash is involved and we do now! Thanks again! I wanted to add: I was super worried that I was wasting money when we sent our dogs with Scott and I have never felt like that since I got them back. Also, Scott sent us pics throughout the 2 weeks which I greatly appreciated. My dogs were super happy and well-cared for from their look and behavior when I got them back. If I were where Scott is When I get a puppy Min would totally go back to him. Highly recommend! He’s also east to talk to and you don’t feel like you’re being talked down to all the time which sometimes I’ve felt when dealing with trainers, vets and breeders. - 7/25/2022 

Evangelina P. AvatarEvangelina P.

Absolutely love the work Scott did with my small dog Charli! (Chihuahua, Terrier, Shihtzu mix) I spoke with several companies before deciding on board and train with Scott. After speaking with Scott, he seemed to really know his stuff, have a plan for her, and he genuinely seemed to love what he does.Charli didn't get the socialization and training she needed due the timing of when I got her as a puppy along with Covid shutting everything down. She had become aggressive towards other animals, aggressively barked at people for attention, and would go ballistic when she heard loud noises such as vehicles, loud machinery, etc. I was so nervous letting her go with someone I didn't know but it's the best decision I could have ever made for my baby! She learned new commands, how to walk properly on a leash without trying to pull me around, confidence, impulse control, no longer lunges/barks at other dogs on our walks, learned how to signal she's uncomfortable with another dog rather than immediately snap, and so much more! Scott is definitely great at what he does! Charli has made so much progress in the short 2 weeks she was with Scott and he's also training with me so I can continue to work with Charli on her skills.Will definitely also be sending Charli to board with Scott when I go on vacations! Money well spent! - 6/03/2022 

Lora S. AvatarLora S.

Scott saved my dog. I’ve been through countless of trainers over a handful of years that didn’t show me the passion or confidence that Scott did. I knew from just talking over the phone my boy was in the right hands. Luke, my pocket pitty, is 8 years old. I didn’t think he’d make the turn around that he did. I’ve lived in fear and anxiety just thinking of taking him for walks because of my history with him. Now we walk with confidence and pride past other dogs. I did the doggy boot camp for two weeks and would do it again in a heartbeat. We now go to the dog park too (still fresh off the boat so we still use a muzzle). But I’d never, ever ever see this happening for us. Scott is a damn miracle worker. You can tell that he cares so much about his work and wants to see success stories. He followed up right after dropping off Luke and met me right away to fine tune our training. Luke has been in numerous fights with other dogs, costing a lot financially and emotionally. I used to stay up crying every night feeling hopeless. I tried training myself with other people and nothing nearly as successful as this. Scott is THE person to go to. I now look forward to taking Luke places as people smile when we walk by.. “what a good boy” .. “he’s so well behaved!” Loving our new life thanks to the true Dog Wizard . - 4/11/2022 

Ryan G. AvatarRyan G.

I had a wonderful experience with the DC Dog Wizard! Scott initially worked with my first dog lady back in 2017 and we had a great experience. After I got my new puppy Scottie, we returned to the Dog Wizard and began working with Jen starting with a board and train. She is wonderful and Scottie came home with all sorts of new tools and life has been so much easier ever since. Jen even came by the house to work with Lady and Scottie together and in just an hours time I was able to start taking them both on walks together. Walking the dogs went from stressful to peaceful almost overnight. I couldn’t be happier with Scott, Jen and the Dog Wizard team and would recommend them to anyone looking for help with dog training. - 4/11/2022