Dog Training Prices

Dog Training PricesWe encourage everyone researching obedience programs not to base your decision on price only and put more emphasis on results. After all, you will only be happy if you reach your goals (no matter how much you spend).

Our obedience programs range in price from $550 – $3000. We offer free evaluations, so we can meet your dog to determine exactly which program would be best to reach your goals.

Below are several of our programs, as well as pricing for our specialty classes as well as boarding and daycare.

Note: Dog boarding and daycare are only offered to Dog Wizard clients that have been through one of our dog obedience programs.  However, specialty classes are open to anyone.

Dog Training ClassLength Price
Agility5 Weeks $99
Tricks5 Weeks $99
Scent Detection 5 Weeks $99
Puppy Preschool Unlimited up to 6 months of Age $250
Private Puppy Lessons5 Lessons $595
Housebreaking Only 3 Lessons $550
Therapy Prep 1 Class $75
Baby Prep 1 Class $75
"On the Go" Group Class (Clients Only)5 Weeks $99