Client Testimonials

The Dog Wizard was great. They worked extra hard to work with my dog to ensure that he came home a well behaved dog. I take him everywhere. He does fantastic off leash and listens so well. Gretchen, Jacob and all his trainers worked so hard with him. I am very pleased with my experience with them and look forward to working with them and my other dogs soon.

We have 2 rescues and the one developed a lot of anxiety around dogs a few months after we brought them home. We took the Control Unleashed program, BAT training, private instruction and agility training to help exercise and relax both dogs. Nothing worked as fast or as well as The Dog Wizard training with the e-collar. We are able to take our larger dog anywhere now, including farmers markets, city sidewalks, greenways, outdoor malls, hiking; and he is comfortable, happy and responsive to commands. He gets more exercise than I could give him with some additional commands and he performs “meet & greets” with other dogs of all sizes like a pro! Can’t wait to have our other dog trained as well! It is totally worth the cost and we now consider it the best investment we’ve made with this dog once we realized the benefits after having him home for a while now. Gretchen and her team’s ability to bring out my dog’s best attributes has been amazing.

We adopted a part huskie, part lab “rescue dog” who had had a rough life with her first family. She seemed to want to love us and trust us but there was a great deal of past history that needed to be worked out. On the advice of a friend, we decided to check out the Dog Wizard’s trainers and facilities one Saturday morning. We didn’t know what to expect when we met with Jake and his lab and shortly there after several other dogs in training. We were amazed by the trainers, the varieties of dogs, the facilities, but most of all by our dog and her willingness to possibly take a chance at being a happy, well adjusted and well trained dog. Mackenzie returned to us far more comfortable in her skin and still the fun-loving dog we fell in love with. We have had two additional training sessions at our home where we learned that Mackenzie knew what to do but we weren’t requiring her to be her best or practicing as we should. Jake (and all the trainers) are anxious for us to be empowered as dog owners, eager to answer our questions, and quick to demonstrate, then have us work with our dog. We never knew that having a well trained dog could be such a pleasure for us and for our dog.

The Dog Wizard is amazing! I have an extremely focused, loyal, loving, playful German Shepherd/ Aussie Cattle Dog mix that was very aggressive toward other people and dogs. Our lives were totally chaotic and guarded. Our friends and family would not visit us. Merle was fearful and wild-eyed most of the time. Everyone we knew and met thought Merle was a hopeless case. Less than 2 minutes into our initial evaluation with Jake, Merle was lying on the ground, relaxed. We had already been through another program which was unsuccessful, and were told that Merle was never going to get better and we should never return to their facility. After 5 visits to this facility, this trainer never recognized the true problem. Jake identified it during the first visit. Merle went through The Dog Wizard Home Front training and returned to us a different dog. Merle has a great life now and so do we. We even have a dog sitter who comes in to take care of him from time to time, and he is welcome at a local kennel if we need them (we live in Boone and are unable to use the dog wizard boarding facility). The Dog Wizard literally saved us and our dog!

Deciding to go to The Dog Wizard is one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made! Our Siberian Husky, Macy is an incredibly stubborn and independent dog and we lived in fear that she would be hit by a car or run away from home. We realized that we needed to get her training no matter what the cost to save her life. She is such an important part of our family! The first time we met Jake at The Dog Wizard, we knew instantly that this would be a great fit. His level of knowledge with dog training is astounding and his relaxed and calm demeanor is just what Macy needed. We brought her home after living with Jake for 3 weeks and she was a different dog… in a very good way! We absolutely could not believe the progress our little girl had made. Two days later on Halloween, Macy sat on the front porch with us while we handed out candy. Just as calm as can be. Before training with Jake, she would have jumped on people as they came up to the house and she would have run away every chance she would get. I never imagined being able to sit on the front porch with her next to me UNCHAINED! It was amazing! We are so very grateful to Jake and everyone at The Dog Wizard for peace of mind that our Macy can live a long happy life and for giving her the ability to be the wonderful, obedient dog we love so much! Thank you does not begin to express the level of gratitude we have!

Thank you doesn’t seem nearly enough for what the Dog Wizard and their entire staff has done for our Golden Retreiver, Beau. From the time Beau became a member of our family at ten weeks, he assumed the rold of the “one in charge”. Nothing seemed to be off limits from the backyard shrubs to attempting to dig a huge hole under the fence! Taking a walk was me being pulled down the street by someone who was fast becoming a seventy pound animal! If I wasn’t fast enough to get Beau into his crate, anyone coming to our door was met with jumping and licking. Added to that situation was the puppy need to constantly chew on something. Beau might chew on my arm, leg, or furniture, carpet, etc. My husband and I knew we needed help! Fortunately we found out about the Dog Wizard! From our initial call to Lorrayne to set up an appointment for Jake’s evaluation, our lives began to change for the better. Beau went into the two week program and came home the “new and improved” version. All his bad habits were gone! What a wonderful accomplishment the Dog Wizard was able to do!

The Dog Wizard really is magic! Jake and Gretchen are heroes to us and our dog LUCY! Great company, great staff, great results. We have recommended them time and time again and will continue to do so. They are TOP DOG in our book!

We found an adorable mystery mutt in the country, starving and scared. We took him in and quickly fell in love with him. A jack russell terrier mix, he soon tried to rule the roost and cause major chaos. Chewing toys, ruining rugs, he even ate the kids’ homework one day! My poor attempts at training him failed, so we called The Dog Wizard. Gretchen took Petey for 2 weeks and returned him to us a changed dog. We were able to gain control of him without losing his personality and spirit.

We cannot recommend The Dog Wizard highly enough! Our experience was with an extremely nervous and shy young lab. She only trusted our family and our dogs. When guests came to our home it was a nightmare because she would run away from them barking, growling and urinating all at the same time. She had just started nipping at people when we decided to call The Dog Wizard. Also, we were so fearful if she ever got loose from us we knew we would never get her back. She left with Gretchen for 2 weeks and came back a confident and self assured little girl. She is great around all people, old and young. She is off leash now and enjoys everything a dog should enjoy in life. No more fear, nervousness or fear biting. It was an amazing transformation.

The Dog Wizard is just that – a wizard in dog training! I have a bloodhound puppy and I knew they were stubborn dogs but thought I could handle the challenge. I wasn’t having much progress because she got so big so quick it was like trying to walk a baby rhino. I resorted to not walking her because I wasn’t strong enough to fight the dragging and pulling. Then she got sick and had to have major surgery. After six weeks in an e-collar and being crated all day every day so she wouldn’t tear her stitches, she went crazy and would knock people off their feet. She was wild and aggressive. I called The Dog Wizard after she knocked down my 78 yr old mother and basically told them, ‘Take her. If you can’t train her, she goes.” When they returned with her and taught me what I needed to learn to maintain the training, I couldn’t believe the difference. I was shocked. I still can’t believe it’s the same dog. Now I have a dog that walks next to my off leash and sits and stays at the bottom of the driveway when I get the mail. When we walk, the leash is rarely pulled tight and I only use the leash because it’s the law. She’d be fine without the leash. She plays at the dog park without problems. She plays with my son and it’s the ideal story of ‘a boy and his dog’. When I work at home she lies at my feet and is the worst secretary but the best dog. I highly recommend The Dog Wizard.

My dog is very dog aggressive. I sent him to The Dog Wizard 2 week training camp and he has made great strides in his aggression as well as his obedience. I am able to control him whereas before I couldn’t even get him to walk (heel) by my side. I can get him to sit and stay and his aggression has decreased. I highly recommend The Dog Wizard because the trainers are personable, friendly and treat each dog as an individual. They do not treat the dogs as if they are another “case” and the one-on-one attention they give the dogs and owners is great. The at home training sessions are really effective in reviewing the basic commands for the dog as well as the owner. No matter what problem you may have with your dog, I highly suggest The Dog Wizard. This and my laptop were the two best investments I’ve made!